Life is so precious

Tonight I am going to a bridal shower for my brother’s fiance. I’m really excited, and I have a super awesome gift for her too. She has saved herself for marriage, and I love her even more for making my brother wait. This is a lingerie-ish shower, so I got her a “Naughty and Nice” gift in the form of a blue negligee and a “Prayers for New Brides” book. It’s pretty cool seeing my brother find the love of his life, and I can’t wait to watch their marriage begin later this year.

At the same time, there was the recent military training accident resulting in the loss of lives as well as the two police officers shot just for standing there in Ferguson. I am heartbroken for the soldiers’ and marine’s families. I cannot even fathom the loss they are feeling right now. With that accident involving 4 National Guard soldiers, it definitely hits close to home. Very close to home.

Yesterday my oldest turned 18. He leaves for BCT (basic combat training) in June. His unit already has a deployment in the works that should coincide with him being MOS qualified to go with them next year. I’m not sure how that’s even going to feel being a mom of a deployed soldier, and I will cross that bridge when I get there.

support troops

As for the officers in Ferguson, I’m just so frustrated, angry, and baffled. I have watched video of these idiots protesters confronting officers, and they are so hate-filled, they can’t even hear how ridiculously STUPID they are. They are completely uneducated and just spouting off hate. They don’t want a change. They don’t want a solution to a problem. They want revenge. They want blood. They want more death. And they almost got all of it. Those protestors who say they are just crying to change and rallying for change are liars. They got change. The police chief resigned. The department is under the greatest microscope of all time. Those officers are essentially powerless right now. Change…you can’t get much more change there. Those officers still vowing to serve and protect Ferguson are innocent. They still go to work every day and put their lives on the line. For what? To be ridiculed, hated, spit on, attacked, and now shot?! Yet if some citizen there needs an officer for whatever reason, you better believe those same officers would do their job. Yes even for those same people that were hating them and shooting them earlier. And where is the outrage for the officers and their families?! Where are the groups banding together to rally in support of law enforcement? Why is the PRESIDENT saying essentially that it’s just awful those officers were shot BUT it shouldn’t detract from the issues raised by the incident there? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?!!!!!!!!! There should absolutely never be a BUT in that statement! There is no BUT! Those officers were just standing there…JUST.STANDING.THERE and you’re going to say well yeah that sucks BUT… Seriously?!

And then I have to send my husband to work to protect and serve his city and put his life on the line. The very thin blue line that it is. Our president can’t even for one second put the lives of our law enforcement at a greater value because God forbid he miss out on stirring the pot. The officer was proven INNOCENT, he would found to be CORRECT in lethal action because he feared his own life was in danger, and yet somehow this is still allowed to be a hate-filled anti-law enforcement incident. My blood boils every time I think about it.

So tonight, I hold my officer longer. I look at him and memorize every detail of his smile, his face, his smell, and his touch. I watch as he puts his uniform on and loads his car. I tell him to stay safe and that I love him. I watch him say good-night to our children and tell our littlest to “be good for Mommy”. I give him one last kiss and watch him pull out of our driveway and drive off to do his duty. I suck it up and deal with the loss of consistent sleep and moment of waking up with a racing heart and praying that I never get that phone call or that knock on the door. I breathe, and I pray. And I pray some more. Until I hear him come back home to me in the morning and feel him snuggle up against me in the wee morning hours. That’s when peace settles back into our home and all is well again. I am proud of my husband and all of the law enforcement officers serving and protecting us every day. I wish people would show their support of law enforcement as vocally as those that are trying to tear them apart.

LEO support                                         leo support 2

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