All cheered out

This weekend was the 2nd weekend in a row that I spent at a cheerleading competition. I coach an all-star senior level 2 team for a local all-star gym. Last weekend, we took all of our teams (9 teams) to a 2-day nationals. My team finished 6th (or 8th depending upon which screwed up score sheet you were handed) out of 8. We had a clean routine for Day 1 and a fall on Day 2. This weekend, we only took 2 of our teams to another 2-day nations. The small senior division was split a little more evenly with small senior A being teams of 18 members or less and small senior B being teams of 19-26 members. My team only has 10 members. We have basically spent the entire season reworking the routine because of members moving, quitting due to family issues, and changing schools. We’ve also spent the entire season crossing our fingers we aren’t last. Not a great way to spend the season.

So this weekend, we had 7 teams in our division…or so we thought. After the competition started, a team in the B division with 18 members dropped down into our division making us have 8. We were in 5th place going in to day 2 after the top 6 teams hit clean routines. Not bad. Day 2 we hit another clean routine, and it was sharper with more energy. We even had comments like, “Much better control of stunts today” and “Timing way better”. Yay! Also, at least 2 teams ahead of us had falls. So we were really hoping we had moved up. No such luck. Actually we dropped by .07 in our score, but we still got 5th place. In fact, we increased the distance between us and 6th. I’m just as confused as anyone else is at this point. I know we had to go first in the division on Day 2, and all I can think is that the judges withheld points not knowing what was to come. A load of crap if you ask me.

The good news is that we were competing on Disney World property, my husband, youngest, and stepson got to go with me and my daughter (she competes on my team and a Junior level 3 team for the gym), the hotel we stayed at wasn’t bad (it had a pool so my little guy was ecstatic!), and because we only had 2 teams, I actually wasn’t as exhausted as I normally am and got to actually spend time sitting down with my family. My team and I got to bond more, and I had some great conversations with parents that I previously had never spoken to. It was a great weekend. And I’m done.

I’m glad the gym owner cancelled our practice for tonight, but it also kind of sucks since Mondays are the only full practice I get with the entire team. But I need the break. We’ve been working so hard, and back-to-back competition weekends are exhausting. I’ve been neglecting my wifely duties just from sheer exhaustion. I can’t even recall the last time I did laundry. My awesome husband got groceries, and the chicken breasts he bought last week are still sitting in the fridge waiting to be packaged up and put in the freezer. I managed a nice hot shower last night, he put new sheets on our bed, we watched “Broken Skull Ranch” with Steve Austin (good show!) in bed, and I’m pretty sure I was out as soon as the light was off (ok maybe dozing before…not sure about that one). How sad is that?

I’m so glad he was able to be with me this weekend, but I’m pretty sure neither one of us had the weekend we thought it was going to be. The good news is we are about 40 days away from a vacation!

And only 2 weeks away from Spring Break.

That, my friends, means there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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