Drumroll please…

“Congratulations Dr. ______. You have successfully completed all requirements and the degree of EdD in Organizational Leadership has been granted.”

That’s right kids…I’m officially DONE!! I can’t even begin to explain how I’m feeling. It’s like every Christmas morning, birthday present, and vacation all rolled into one emotion. Part of me feels like it’s still surreal. Like I still logged in to my class today (which is over in 10 hours) just to double check there isn’t something I needed to do (there isn’t). I also double checked that my dissertation has been uploaded to ProQuest (which it has). I’m supposed to be receiving all graduation details by this Friday. I’ve already paid the $150 fee (which I will never understand why I have to pay $150 just to participate in the freakin’ ceremony PLUS rent the regalia…whatever), and I’ve filed my graduation application. Now it’s on to planning the travel.

As of right now, all of my kids except my oldest will be at my graduation. My oldest has his senior trip the exact same day as my graduation, so he can’t be across the country with me. It’s not ideal, but I understand. My parents will also be traveling out there with us. And since it’s also my husband’s 2 week vacation period, we are going to make a vacation out of it. Hopefully, we will get to see my brother-in-law, his wife, and their kids. That’s tentative because they have a baseball tournament in another city that weekend, so we’ll see. We are then going to travel to see Mount Rushmore before we head back home. All said and done, we will be gone for about 8-9 days. SWEET!

After I received the final “You are finished” notification, my husband sent me the best text message ever:


And that, folks, is why he is my best friend, soulmate and husband.

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