25 Things About Me

The other day I read a great post on Amber’s blog (which you can read here), and I loved it so much, I thought I’d steal borrow the idea. So here goes: 25 things to know about me…some cool, some weird, and some straight up TMI (maybe).

1. I apparently clap too loud. Yep according to my husband, my clapping is so loud it feels like “hammers on his head and in his ears”. Ummmm ok well blame it on the days cheerleading. At least he’ll always know when I’m clapping for him right?!

2. I was Miss T.E.E.N. Illinois 1992. I was just barely 16 and got to go on a 7 day cruise to the Bahamas to compete for the national title. And on said cruise, I was incredibly terrified every time I hit the stage. I was your typical sheltered little small-town girl thrown into an LA-like atmosphere with zero preparation. I did meet some cool chicks who helped get me through, but needless to say I didn’t even make top 10. I did, however, kill the flute solo I did for the talent portion. BAM!

3. I flew an airplane when I was 16. Ok so I didn’t exactly take off and land, but while we were in the air the pilot let me hold the stick for a few minutes while flying straight. in a little Piper Warrior 4 seater-ish plane. under his direct supervision. LOL!

4. Every time I play truth or dare, I end up doing something crazy. Example, I was once dared to unzip and zip the pants of my HS crush. During said dare, I couldn’t get them zipped back up with the one hand I had unzipped them and had to grab the bottom of the zipper with my other hand. I’m pretty sure I only grabbed zipper, but seriously, I have no idea I was shaking so bad.

5. When I get embarrassed, I get a really red face and laugh. A lot. At sometimes really inappropriate times. Like the entire ceremony of my first marriage. Hmmmmm….

6. I really hate Facebook. Like with an intense passion. I miss out on family pictures and news, but I also miss out on drama, who hates who at the moment but are besties later, who’s cheating on who through facebook messenger, spying from my husband’s psycho ex, people’s ridiculous political opinions, grammar atrocities, and on and on it goes. Who needs it?!

7. I pray all the time. If you see my lips moving and no sound coming out, I’m probably praying about something. Sometimes it’s like a really ridiculous prayer (“Please God make this woman shut up because I really don’t care what she’s saying”) and more often than not it’s for my husband (“Protect him and keep a hedge a thorns around him from all evil and tempations. Bring him home to me safely.”).

8. I LOVE singing. Like love it. I sing All. The. Time. I officially sing in my church’s praise team. I also sing in the car, on a walk, before my youngest goes to sleep, and I even will sometimes be humming at work. Music speaks to me.

9. I was a part of an Army Wives Forum for 5 years, and it recently shut down. I miss my girls. A lot.

10. I am incredibly jealous of my sister-in-law. She lives in Colorado Springs right now where my brother-in-law is currently stationed. That was supposed to be my Colorado Springs. *sigh at life*

11. Speaking of, I’m an incredibly jealous person naturally. I HATE and DESPISE any woman who flirts with or looks admiringly at him. And don’t even get me started if they text, call, or message him. I will literally lose it if one decides to try and get close to him. Nope. Not gonna happen. Back off chick. He’s married…to me. It’s not a challenge. It’s the way it is. Go away.

12. I’m also someone that holds a grudge. It is SUPER hard for me to trust and just as hard for me to forgive when I’m hurt by someone. It can take me years to come even remotely close to forgiving someone if they really hurt me or break my trust.

13. On the flip side, I’m also one of the most loyal people I know. I stayed with my douchebag of an ex for 13 years despite numerous issues because I didn’t want to break my marriage vows. I am a Bills fan. Enough said.

14. That’s right. I’m a Buffalo Bills fan. LOVE the team. I married into my fanship. I really didn’t follow the NFL much prior to marrying my husband. I loved college football (Go FSU), but my husband is a huge long-time Bills fan. Now I’d say we probably have an equal amount of passion for the team. #CircleTheWagons

15. I am an instruction and curriculum specialist for a K-12 online learning program. I LOVE my job. I had taught in the classroom for 12 years before transitioning to online learning. Best move I ever made!

16. I am allergic to the oil in peppers. All peppers.

17. I LOVE reading. I can read pretty much anything for hours. I especially love books with an Amish, 1800’s western, or christian fiction in general.

18. I used to be a pretty good distance runner. I ran the mile and 2-mile competitively in HS. I ran 5K’s in college. Then I had kids. 4 of them.

19. I make cakes. I have a website and everything. Wedding, baby shower, birthday…you name it. I make it.

20. My dad is a disabled veteran and my mom is an LPN. My dad served in the Army National Guard and in the US Army. We were stationed in Missouri, Georgia, and Pennsylvania before he was medically discharged.

21. I met my husband when I had lunch at my sister’s house during a teacher workshop. He was visiting her and we ended up talking during my entire break. That’s a long story for another day.

22. I love taking long walks with my husband. It doesn’t matter where we walk to or how long we walk, but we always manage to talk about a lot of stuff. I also love that he holds my hand during those walks and it makes me feel like we’re dating again.

23. I once spent a wild weekend in Key West. Ok maybe more than once. And probably will do so again.

24. I got to attend a “bootcamp for teachers” at the Paris Island Marine Corps base. It was FABULOUS, and I would completely do it again in a heartbeat.

25. My husband and I were married while scuba diving in the Keys. Like underwater. Our vows were written on slates and we signed them. I messed up the picture of our kiss because I forgot to turn my regulator upside down to keep the bubbles away…oops. Our honeymoon was also spent scuba diving in Bonaire. AMAZING stuff there.

And that ladies and gentlemen, is a list of 25 things you may or may not have wanted to know about me. Carry on.

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