And away we go!

What can I say…I was on break?!

2014 ended as expected I suppose. My beloved had to work extra hours because he is now the low man on the totem pole. My stepson spent the entire break with his mother in a different state. Two of my children were with us for the entire break. My oldest came and stayed with us for a few days. Crazy and chaotic…just like normal.

Christmas Eve I took the kids to church for the 4:00 service and then we went home and watched a Christmas movie on the Hallmark channel. After the kids went to bed, I stayed up until about 1:00 or so wrapping presents and watching TV. When my husband got home around 5:00AM we loaded up the tree and got a couple of hours of sleep. At 7:30, we all got up and opened stockings and presents. It was super fun watching our youngest. He’s 3, so this is really the first year he has truly understood Santa and Christmas. I loved watching the joy on his face. He was like this most of the time:

He received a ride-in police car (of course) with working lights and siren (well duh), so we were outside at early morning hours to watch him ride it down the street. Even our neighbors came out and watched him. My oldest had his skateboard, so he was “racing” him. (That better be the only time he races the police LOL)

Around 10:30 or so, my husband went back to bed. I finished cleaning some stuff up and got things ready to go to my sister’s house. We got there at 12:30, ate, opened presents, played cornhole (which my hubby showed up for a bit too 🙂 ), and left around 5:00. I saw my husband off to work (boooooooooo!) and spent the rest of the night watching Christmas movies, playing with my new iPhone6 (best husband ever), and getting sleepy quick.

New Year’s Eve was pretty much uneventful. My husband worked the night before and he was unlucky enough to be chosen to work a special operation of all the gun shot calls for NYE. He slept until around 3:00 (because he was also extremely sick right about this week), left for work around 8:30pm, and I took the kids to my sister’s. We ate, and I watched everyone get really drunk and the kids play. I got to send a text to my husband at midnight and got a response a few minutes later. That was it. Good-bye 2014.

I have to say 2014 ended up being pretty good to me. Despite beginning the year with a threatened court battle (that never happened), we had lots of great things happen: we bought a house, paid off debt, defended my dissertation, both my husband and I got promoted, my oldest joined the Army National Guard, I won an award and was nominated for another, we got to take a vacation to Gettysburg and be at a family reunion/birthday party, and our marriage didn’t take any major hits. Woohoo!

I am hoping for 2015:

* pay off more debt

* find an online adjunct teaching position

* attend graduation in April

* get promoted to principal

* read more novels

* lose some weight

* work on the outside of our house (fence, landscaping, pool ?)

* protect our marriage and keep it strong

* continue good health for my family

* and maybe even get a motorcycle!

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