Hustle and Bustle = Where is Christmas?

My husband and I were talking the other day about how we have been so incredibly busy the past few weeks, and that we are having trouble really finding Christmas. I’m not quite to this:


But more like this:


There’s just so much to DO this time of year for us with kids’ christmas parties, work christmas parties, final deadlines before holiday shut down, shopping, budgeting, and cooking. Somewhere in there is supposed to be “the most wonderful time of the year” right?! At work today I started to find it. Sure my little office area was jamming to “Holiday Radio” on Pandora. And sure I received a couple of cards from co-workers. But that’s not how I found Christmas. Nope not even close.

Today as I worked along and checked things off my list, I got a notification of a story online that I just had to read. The headline was something about “Cop’s Act of Kindness”. My first reaction was, “Oh boy…what are the nasty comments going to be this time”. Yep. That’s right. Not, “Awww how sweet” or “Well DUH cops are actually human beings with hearts too”. Nope. I mean don’t get me wrong, that was my reaction before I finally got the story pulled up. BUT I had a negative reaction first. What with all of the negativity directed at officers right now, I guess I’ve just come to expect it. Being in the not-so-Christmasy spirit didn’t thwart the thought either. And then I read the article. That was a super cool thing for this officer to do. You know what was even cooler? The comments below the story. Those anonymous words that can slice into the heart of a person for better or for worse were, for the most part, supportive and positive. Heck some of them even shared their own stories in similar situations. This was my favorite:

“In the late 70’s I walked into a 7-11 in Lubbock. I saw the store attendant yelling at an elderly Mexican man, yelling at him for trying to steal a loaf of bread. I paid for the bread, added more items and took him home. It was cold!! Got to his house, it was full of kids, kids with hunger in their eyes. I left him at the house, called some S.O. buddies, and the next day the kids were smiling and laughing. The pain of hunger had left. 1998 my mother passed away. I noticed one officer kept looking my way. At the end of services the officer walked over to me and passed his condolences. He said: you don’t remember me, but I remember you and your friends brought food to our home. You gave us hope.” – Airborne Ranger

Amen and Amen! THIS is what the Christmas Spirit is about. Neighbor helping neighbor and truly making a difference in the lives of those around us. I lost sight of that. I’m so grateful for the reminder.

To all of my fellow officer wives and families: stay strong and don’t lose your Christmas spirit. To all of those serving in law enforcement and the military to protect us: THANK YOU and MERRY CHRISTMAS! May God protect you and bring you home safely to the arms of your loved ones. To my husband: You are my hero. You are so incredibly courageous and perform your duties with amazing integrity. Stay safe my love. I will always be here, heart and arms wide open, to welcome you home.

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