Dun Dun Dun…

Alright kids, it has finally happened. My dissertation defense is scheduled. For tomorrow night. at 7pm. O.M.G.

I’m still kind of in shock that it’s actually happened, and that I managed to get through my quality review process with only 2 rounds of edits! I have my defense PowerPoint done, and I have been talking about my results to a few different academic groups already. I feel like I’m as prepared as I can be. Now that doesn’t mean I will be all calm, cool, and collected. I fully expect to be more like this:

Then I thought I would be all awesome and go through the form for the next step (Form and Formatting) to get ahead of the game. Wrong move. Apparently, I edited a different version or something, and my AQR editor told me she has to go back and fix some formatting of tables (not really sure what she means at all at this point). Oops. Bottom line: No more edits until she posts a version with the tables formatted. Alrighty then.

But back to this…I’m defending my dissertation TOMORROW!!!!!

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