My sergeant


It’s official. My beloved husband is a sergeant! I was so nervous pinning his badge on his chest today. My hands were shaking, and I’m pretty sure it felt like it took me 20 minutes to get done. My husband was a complete nervous wreck beforehand. He hands were sweaty, he was standing and fidgeting, and you could just tell his heart was racing. He did a great job when he was announced and walked up proudly. After I pinned him, he gave a short and sweet little acceptance speech. Basically he thanked his family and “kept it short: Thank you”. He was the 2nd person to be promoted during the ceremony, so our 3 year-old was great. After about the 5th person (out of 6), he was definitely getting impatient with the whole process. It didn’t help that the 5th person literally thanked 20 people and had a speech for each of those 20 people. You would think he was just elected President. Dude, you were promoted to Captain; congrats; enough already.

Of course everyone else got to leave and take their family to lunch, but not my hubby. He had to basically turn around, switch to his short-sleeve shirt and go back to work for the rest of his shift. We’re still waiting to find out exactly what time his shift begins and ends, but at least we know his rotation schedule and his location: YAY! There was only one point during the ceremony when I had to give my gorgeous man a bit of crap. The man promoted to deputy chief thanked his wife first and foremost during his speech saying she is the “love of his life” and takes care of their 3 young children and works so hard, and then he gave her a dozen roses. I looked at my husband with a

and he said, “Um no, you don’t get flowers.”

I’m so proud of all of the hard work he put into studying and preparing for this moment. He definitely earned it, and I’m very excited that I got to share in this amazing moment with him.

I love you baby!

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