Boys Weekend

Two posts in one week?! Getoutahere!!!

This morning my husband picked up his best friend and another friend and headed out of state. They will be gone all weekend for a “Bachelor Party” weekend. I’m thinking I totally got screwed. I didn’t even really have a Bachelorette party for one night let alone an entire weekend. Who changed the rules, and when did that happen?!

Anyway, I love this best friend, and I’m so happy for him that he has finally found THE ONE. Plus, I love how he is with her. I’ve seen him with other girls that have changed him in not so great ways, and I’ve seen him just miserable with others. It’s awesome to see him truly happy. I’m pretty sure babies aren’t too far off in the future either.

And while I’m pretty darn sure what this weekend entails for my beloved and his buddies, my weekend isn’t shaping up to be nearly as exciting. I’m transporting my stepson to volunteer at an event tonight until 10 and tomorrow from 3:00-10:00pm. I am doing my daughter’s and a friend’s hair for homecoming tomorrow around 4:00. Sunday is church and of course, football. Basically, tonight and Saturday night I plan to spend some quality time playing with my youngest, taking a bubble bath all. by. myself. and watching all of the shows my beloved hates to watch (Dance Moms, Say Yes to the Dress, Survivor).

It’s almost like he’s away for a drill weekend but I know he’s probably definitely up to no good having fun instead of working. As long as my man makes some great (read: legal and not too immoral) memories with his friend and comes home to me unscathed, we’ll be good. Right dear?!

Which is what I don’t want to hear…just for the record. 😀

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