Can you hear them?

The angels are singing today. Can you hear them where you are?

And why are the angels singing today you ask? Because I did it! I received my data, conducted the analysis (ok I hired someone else to conduct the analysis…WHATEVER), wrote chapter 4, sent it to my dissertation chairperson, and it was APPROVED!!

Now before champagne starts popping everywhere, I do still have to write the last chapter, chapter 5. Holy crap that sounds awesome just to even say “the LAST chapter”!! My only (read: biggest, because there are usually definitely more than one) problem is that I’m totally lacking the time right now to write it.

My daughter decided to quit her high school JV cheerleading squad and return to the all-star cheerleading gym she attended for about 5 years. Long story short: there’s drama and then there’s THAT drama; combined with horrid coaching=she quit. Well in order to be able to afford for her to go back to all-star cheerleading after already paying $700 for HS cheerleading, I was offered a coaching position in said gym. I coached for about 15 years until about 4 years ago when I had our youngest, and that’s when we both took a break. Now I’m back and coaching a youth level 1 team, and let me tell you, they are SO stinkin cute! I already see where they can improve, and with 17 little girls on this team, there is plenty of work to do. I also coached/spotted an open tumbling class for an hour. Girls of all ages are in that class, and whoooooweeee am I sore today. I haven’t spotted that much tumbling of varying skills in YEARS. My back and shoulders are letting me know it too. And I forgot how abrasive the spring floor is on my knees (note to self: wear LONG yoga pants for practice), which of course my husband thoroughly enjoyed letting me know it wasn’t his fault (was that TMI??).

Now that I’m coaching 1 day a week added to everything else in a normal week, and my husband has his own stuff going on for work (top secret, but I will TOTALLY fill you in when it’s over), the next 7 days are crazier than normal. I’m hoping I can squeeze that last chapter out this week. That would give me 16 weeks to get through my team approval, AQR review, and dean’s signature as well as my defense. Since the first review process took 12 weeks, I’m thinking that gives me plenty of time. Right?!

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