What’s in a name?

You know sometimes, I think maybe I should rename my blog to more appropriately reflect my life. It would change to stuff like:

  • Disappointed Darling
  • I’m a wife not a doormat
  • Frustrated
  • But WHY
  • Challenged by Drama
  • Toddler Kisses Rock
  • So Proud
  • Just Let Me Graduate ALREADY!

Yes I’m all over the place today. I know it. I’m not sure what to do with it, but I am aware of it. Today, I’ve been frustrated, embarrassed, disappointed, excited, and anxious all within about an hour. It’s ridiculous. What I’m left with is a flushed face, rapid heartbeat, and little patience. I’m antsy and pretty irritable overall, and I still have a confontation or two before I get to go to bed tonight. It sucks. Why can’t people just be honorable and do the right thing even when NO ONE IS WATCHING!!

Maybe I’m expecting too much of the universe today. Clearly I need to get my data analysis back from my “person” so that I can get these last two freakin’ chapters written. I think it’s starting to make me crazy. That and I should expect less from people. It’s either expect less, keep getting hurt and disappointed and be ok with it, or cut those people out of my life. I’m not so sure I can do the latter. Which quite frankly is just sad.

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