Don’t Stop Billieving!!

Yes, I meant to spell it that way (if you didn’t catch it, go read that title one more time). A little over 5 years ago I met and fell in love with my team: the Buffalo Bills.


By that I mean, I’ve always loved football. I don’t “do” basketball or baseball (or really any other pro sport), but I LOVE football. I had always been a college football fan (Go Noles!!), but could never really wrap my head around the NFL and pick just one team. My dad is a Chicago Bears fan through and through. My mom tolerates football, but isn’t really a fan. My sister is a huge Bears fan too (even though I think she’s just trying to suck up to my dad…sorry sis). Therefore, when I met my husband, I basically became a Bills fan by marriage. Now he’s been a fan since he was little. His dad is a New York Giants fan, and I think he just wanted to pick a team that he could love that wasn’t the Giants but was still close in proximity. Having spent much of his childhood in and near Buffalo, he picked the Bills. He has stayed loyal through all 4 Super Bowl trips…and heartbreaking losses (wide right anyone?). Even now owning the longest playoff drought in NFL history, losing the original owner, anticipating the possibility of leaving Buffalo (NOT happening! YAY!!!), and having a quarterback that EVERYONE doubts, he is a huge fan.

BUT…I am a BIGGER fan! I know more stats, player stories, and news about the team than he does. While he still owns more “stuff” than I do (and probably always will), I’m doing a good job of gaining ground. Last year we went to two away games (because they were close to where we live) and even got to go to a home game against the Jets (on Veteran’s day weekend no less!!). We won all 3 games we attended!! It was amazing. It was just so awesome to be at a home game…even with cold, wet weather.

This year it looks like we will only get to attend one away game. Booooo!!! But you know what?! I will gladly only attend 1 home game as long as the Bills go to the playoffs. Right now, we are #1 in our division (AFC East), and we are 1 of only 5 teams that are still undefeated. This weekend we play the Chargers, and I’m betting the sold out crowd is going to be even louder than they were last week when we smashed the Dolphins! I WISH I could be there. I would LOVE to go see my team in our stadium again. Instead, I’m glued to my TV, have my iPad attached to my fantasy team score, my iPhone Twitter feed going, and screaming with every down. I get more exercise jumping up and down and pacing during a game than I do the rest of the day…is that a bad thing?

So for all those Haters out there: Keep Hatin’! The Bills will continue to play with intensity and the chip on their shoulder that will keep bringing victories. Sometimes respect is earned, and sometimes respect is TAKEN! Keep Billieving Bills fans!!!!

Go Bills!

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