He’s becoming a man!

My son completed his very first drill weekend with the Army National Guard last weekend. He texted at the end of the first night saying he would be pulling “fire duty” that night, and golly gee but he didn’t seem very excited about it. Lol! The second day he texted me that he was SOOOOO tired from doing the 5 mile ruck march in addition to the PT. My response:

My husband’s (his stepdad) response:

Sunday afternoon he let me know he was on his way home and wondered if we had anything for him to eat. Apparently he was “starving” and “the MRE’s sucked”. Bwaaahaaahaaahaa! Suck it up and deal kiddo. And really I was like:

When he walked in the door, it was the first time I got to see him all decked out in his ACU’s. I have to say he looked pretty good, but it still made me suck in a quick breath. My firstborn is becoming a man. He talked about respect and gratitude and appreciation in a whole new voice. He said, “Thank You” for so many things he had always taken for granted. He asked if he could have a couple of friends over for dinner on Labor Day. It was just a really nice conversation and a new perspective of my boy. I am proud. I’m just one super darn rootin’ tootin’ proud mama. I can’t wait to see how Basic and AIT impact him!

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