Drumroll please…

As you may or may not have guessed/noticed, it’s been just a bit since my last post, but I swear I have a good reason. We FINALLY closed on our house!

It took until 3:30 last Friday, but it’s OVER! Technically, we weren’t supposed to get the keys until like today, but our realtor is awesome and gave them to us on Friday. So from about 6pm Friday to around 11pm last night (Sunday), we accomplished the following:

  • Tore out the carpet from the living room, dining room, and 2 hallways
  • Tore out the linoleum from the entry and kitchen
  • Replaced the garage door opener
  • Patched all of the holes in the walls (most of them were the size of a dime or less)
  • Took out the vanity and toilet from the guest bath (for tiling)
  • Took out 2 lower cabinets from the kitchen (for tiling)
  • Moved the entire row of upper cabinets in the kitchen to the right about a foot and up about 2 inches
  • Hung a ceiling fan in the living room, light fixture in the entry, light fixture in the kitchen, and 2 smoke detectors
  • Moved the chandelier from the entry to the dining room
  • Primed every.single.wall in the entire 2400 square foot house (seriously, those colors were HIDEOUS!!!!)
  • Painted the entry, living room, kitchen, dining room, and master bedroom
  • Painted ALL of the ceilings in the house (Ok that job seriously SUCKED with 10 ft ceilings!)
  • Moved about 8 loads of furniture/garage stuff from our rental to our new house and put it all in the garage
  • And…prepped the floors for the tiling guys who start on Wednesday!!

Ok yeah, I’m exhausted reading this list. We had myself, my hubby, my oldest son, my stepson, my daughter, my mom, and my dad doing the work. We worked from around 9AM to about 2AM Saturday. I went to church with the kids on Sunday and then got it all wrapped up by 11PM last night feeling very successful and very sore.

This house buying/preparing has been the most exhausting thing I’ve done in very long time. Now for the best news….

I am officially ABD (All But Dissertation)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I finished up my last class today. I have collected about 75% of the data I need for my last 2 chapters, and I’m SO excited to get this D.O.N.E.!

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