This buying a house thing = crazy town

Just a few weeks ago buying a house was the last thing on my mind. I was totally focused on paying off debt as fast as possible. My plan would have had us credit card debt free by now. The only payments I would be making would have been our student loans and my vehicle. Ah what could have been.

Instead, I randomly clicked open my Trulia app, saw a 4 bedroom house up for sale at a decent price, and clicked the “Send me more information” button. Ever since that moment, things have been crazy.

You have to understand, I declared bankruptcy 4 years ago as part of my divorce, and I was pretty sure I would not be able to afford much of a house if any at all yet. I mean, I have a great career that I’ve had for 15 years, and I’ve built up my credit by working my ass off and paying EVERYTHING on time and off as fast as I can. But me buying a house now? No way. I figured the bank would be like:

Huge kudos and thanks to my husband. He pushed me to get that first secured credit card to rebuild my credit. He pushed me to go for getting a new vehicle for the same reason (which I got at a 3% interest rate!). He pushed me to go back to school for this doctorate degree (which deferred my loans long enough to qualify for this mortgage). And he has put up with the crazy recently.

Today, after much anticipation, TONS of emailing of documents, ridiculous amounts of research and phone calls to figure out what paperwork is where, and massive impatience all around, we finally got our house insurance secured and approval from the underwriters. Also, our closing date was moved up 5 days to a Friday, so now I have all weekend to get carpet and linoleum ripped out, walls primed and painted, and base boards taken out before the new tile is brought in and laid. I’m still probably going to hold my breath until we sign on the dotted line, but it is starting to feel like this is actually happening…to me…I’m buying a house!

And hopefully all of the petty arguments about paint colors, placement of a kitchen island, where to build a pool, what the priority list looks like, and how to relandscape will fade away into the past and we can enjoy our first home together.

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