24 Hours of ???

When I woke up yesterday morning, I really couldn’t have imagined how the next 24 hours would go. It’s a good thing too, because I might have put my head back under the covers and faked sick to avoid it all.

But alas, I did not and so began my journey across the country with some extra crap fun sprinkled on top. My day began with the air printer at home throwing an attitude. My hubby replaced the black ink cartridge the night before but couldn’t get it to work. Not really needing it, I wasn’t too worried. And then I needed it. I needed to print the inspection report and sign the bottom and then scan and email it back to our mortgage broker and insurance broker. Then I needed to do the same thing with a 7 page insurance application. After much begging, pleading, cussing, and cajoling, I got the damn thing to work and off we went…for 3 pages. Then it stopped printing again.

I mean it acted like it was printing, but all I got was a blank page. I played with it some more and managed to accomplish the task…an hour later. During which time I forgot to pack my youngest’s bags for staying with Grandma (which I wouldn’t remember or be reminded of for 12 hours). Oops. Yeah my husand was all

  My oldest son arrives about 15 minutes late to take me to the airport, but luckily it’s a small airport with speedy security people, so I make it with 45 minutes to spare. As soon as we take off and make it to cruising altitude, the captain comes across with, “Ladies and gentlemen, there is some weather surrounding the Atlanta airport, so we will be delayed until about 3:45”. Ok no worries. My connection doesn’t leave until 4:25. About 30 minutes later, “Ladies and gentlemen, as you can see we started to turn. We are currently in a holding pattern, and it looks like we will arrive at about 4:00”. Ok tight turnaround, but I can run. I’ve been running, and I watch The Amazing Race so I can do this.

When we finally land at 4:05, we get, “Ladies and gentlemen (ok I was pretty sick of this greeting right now), we cannot continue to taxi to the terminal until everyone is seated”. WTF?! SIT DOWN PEOPLE!!! While I am standing in the aisle to exit the plane (because of course I’m in the BACK of the plane), I get the alert on my phone that my connecting flight has departed. Shit.

I am directed to a set of phone banks and connected with Delta customer service. She reschedules me for a 5:40 flight to Dallas/Fort Worth which then goes to Vegas (my final destination). I’m sorry to the fans, but I HATE this airport. Gates change faster than my 3 year-old can dump out his toys in the living room (and that’s saying something), and that tram that goes in circles but not the direction I need it to…ugh! So with some time to kill until that gate is announced in Atlanta, I call my husband and fill him in on my situation. He’s still working, but SUPER glad he has a nonstop flight tomorrow morning. At this point, instead of a 5:45 pm arrival, I have an 8:15 pm arrival…so no biggie really. And then I look up at the Departures board: DELAYED. Crap.

Back to the phone bank I go. A different Delta customer service agent rebooks my rebooked flight to now route me through Minneapolis/St. Paul at 6:25pm. Ok…I’ve never been to Minnesota, so cool. Except this flight puts me in Vegas at 11:10pm Vegas time. Oh well. So, I grab some McDonald’s, manage to score an aisle seat, and get on the flight to Minneapolis. Next to a lady who snored the entire trip. Across from a guy who smelled like he ran a marathon right before getting on the plane. And there was LOTS of turbulence. Oh goody! Once we land in Minneapolis though, the world suddenly got brighter. I saw this:

O.M.G.! Seriously there were iPads available at every cafe where they delivered food and drinks to you while you wait. My seat was right next to the counter for my next flight. I charged my iPhone back up to 100% in like 10 minutes. People were so incredibly friendly. If I EVER have to have another connection, I would LOVE to go through this airport. WOW!! Anywho, then I get on my 3rd and final plane for the last leg to Vegas. For this one, I managed to get a window seat…with the entire row empty…and watched the new Captain America film! When I landed, it was a relatively confusing easy stroll through the airport to the shuttles. The shuttle took me to my hotel where I could check in. BUT WAIT, I’m not done yet!

During check in the reservation desk tells me I can’t use the school credit card because my name isn’t on it. No SHIT! It’s a District Credit Card!! And they won’t accept my tax exempt form because that’s only for my state tax. Now by this point, it is about 3AM according to my home time zone, I’ve been through airport hell, and I just want a bed and SLEEP! I was pretty much in tears. The woman said they had already charged the card for the first night, so I had a room…for tonight. They would fax a sheet to my school tomorrow to get the issue resolved. Ok fine. I send an email relaying that information to my boss (under the subject line: HELP!) and off I went…

About 4 hours later, I wake up to this text: “So sorry they are giving you a hard time. The school was struck by lightning so I don’t have internet or office phones”.

So now I’m up. Sleep is not happening. After quite a few text messages back and forth and phone calls to the hotel on their end, my reservation was paid at 7:15AM. And then…WAIT it’s a good thing!! My boss texts me to go online and apply for a promotion. You know the one I’ve been waiting on for what seems like MONTHS! WOOHOO! I immediately grab my laptop, fill out the application, and get it submitted. I find out the position is 11 months instead of 12 (truly not heartbroken about that), and it actually does come with a raise!

So 24 hours later, I have safely arrived in Vegas, gotten my hotel reservation taken care of, and gotten a promotion. Good times…Good times.

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