Black?? Ummmm no.

Ok so we had the house inspection yesterday, and it passed! There were no surprises or problems. We even had our tile person come out and do an exact measurement of the rooms to have a more accurate cost. Incredibly, the house listing had about 200 square feet more than what she measured. YAY!!! That will save us a TON!

After the inspection, we went to Lowe’s and picked up a bunch of different paint chips so that we can decide on colors for every room. After picking very classy palates for the main living areas, bathrooms, and the master bedroom, we let the kids pick for their rooms. Now the youngest two boys will be sharing a room, and it has the really cute custom jungle looking mural on one wall, so that room is not getting painted. The other two kids’ rooms are currently a very bright pink and an odd 2 shades of blue. Well my daughter chose a very modern silver color for her walls that will coordinate beautifully with her bedspread she just got for Christmas.

And then there’s my stepson. His first choice: Black. Ok…ummm no. By that I mean, over-my-dead-body-it-will-never-happen No. Now I’ve read all of the really cool parenting books that tell you to let your kids basically do whatever they want to in their own rooms because it is their sanctuary blah blah blah. Clearly, I will never win the “Cool Parent” award, because that’s just crazy. I don’t want my kids to turn in to some psycho goth weird kid who has the dark smelly room “because it’s his sanctuary”. Yeah…not gonna happen.

So second choice: Red. Ok really? Now we went from weird kid to sex addict. I just can’t be showing my house to friends and family and then try to explain the Red Porn Room. Because seriously, that’s all I can think about when I think of a Red Bedroom. Nope…still not happening.

Current choice on the table: A dark blue. Ok not like navy blue. More like an Oceany Royally Blue. We haven’t bought any paint yet, so maybe it’ll change, but at least I can still look at my stepson and not wonder about his future.

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