Happy 4th of July!

Today I am finishing the cake for my dad’s birthday, and I have to make about 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies before 6:30pm. I also have to drop off my stepson for parking cars as part of his Police Explorer’s prjoect, repaint my toe nails, and get my homework done. Well I’m happy to say that other than the cookies, I’m on a roll. It is going to be interesting today.

My family is gathering at a local park for birthday cake and a cookout before heading to our city center for fireworks tonight. It will be my parents, my sister and her husband and their twins that are 5 yrs old, my other sister (who I never talk to) and her boyfriend (even though she’s not divorced from her loser husband yet) and her 3 kids who are 8, 7, and 6 (and are ROYAL BRATS!) as well as her female friend and that friend’s 3 kids. In addition, my cousin’s wife and their 7 year old daughter (who has Down’s Syndrome…she is SO adorable!), my husband and I and our youngest, possibly my 3 kids (but I’m not sure their dad will bring them), and maybe my grandparents. That doesn’t include any last minute friends who decide to joing us. Luckily, my sister thought ahead and rented a pavilion at a park with a big playground so that no one’s house was going to have to be cleaned. Bless you little sister! We will only be missing my brother and his fiance and my other sister, her husband, and their 3 kids. Yeah when we get together at the holidays it can be really chaotic. I guess that’s why I just can’t imagine life without all 5 kids.

Anywho, after the party, we will carpool (or walk) to our city center. It’s just a really massive open area with a pond in the middle, and they shoot off the fireworks from behind the YMCA. This will be our youngest’s first fireworks. He’s 3 and for the past 2 years he’s just fallen asleep before they go off. We’ll see if he makes it this year. Also, my husband pretty much HATES fireworks. They always trigger a decent PTSD episode afterward, and basically just remind him of so many nights getting mortared and attacked in Iraq when he was an infantryman. Luckily, his other deployments he had changed his MOS and they were different deployments all together. Iraq was really hard on him. So…I don’t know if he will join us or not, and I don’t know how the night will end, but I do know this:

I’m so proud to be an American. I’m proud of every single man and woman who has given so much for this country and for me to be able to eat BBQ and watch fireworks. From the first veterans to today, I’m so humbled by the sacrifice. Watching my son and my husband swearing in…just…awesome. Thank you and I love you!!

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