Gettysburg, vacation, and a house??

Well we made it back from vacation, had “the talk” with my stepson, and brought him back with us. It was an interesting vacation to be honest. We went for my husband’s grandfather’s 85th birthday party…which also sort of turned into a family reunion of sorts. Despite drama (my mother-in-law is the oldest of 8, so there’s plenty to go around), we managed to have a fairly relaxing week. On the way home, we stopped in Gettysburg. I’ve never been here before, and to be honest, I’ve always been fascinated by Civil War history. I was SO not disappointed. It was a remarkable experience. We bought the dramatic CD auto tour and decided to head out on our own instead of buying tickets for the more expensive guided bus tour. It was awesome! Even though our 3 year-old would have LOVED to ride the bus, we enjoyed the freedom of being able to stop as long as we wanted and choose when and where to go. We ended up taking a lot of pictures and exploring a lot too. One of the best parts was listening to the CD and really being able to visualize how the battle must have looked and felt. We were visiting within a week of the actual time of year the battle happened, and I think that helped it to feel more authentic as well. We also ran into quite a few reenactors and historians that were more than happy to share their knowledge with us. Other than being there during the July 4th week, this was a wonderful time to visit. After that visit, we headed home. Still about 12 hours of travel left, and oh man was I ready to get home. We arrived around 2AM, so it was pretty much a dump-everything-in-the-garage-and-collapse-in-bed moment. Bliss! My own bed! My own blankets and pillows! My bathroom!! As much as I love to travel, I really do love coming home. Speaking of home…on a whim, I saw a foreclosed house that was in a great neighborhood come up for sale, so I contacted a realtor. This led to a conversation with a mortgage broker. That led to sending in documentation. And now…I’m waiting for a phone call back to see what sort of activity is…wait a sec. Ok so that was my realtor. There is another offer on the table. Now I wait for a call from our mortgage broker to see what our best offer could be and we go to a multiple offer situation. This ought to be fun. I went from basically resigned to waiting another 6 months to buy a house to possible being able to close in about 60 days. Holy Mackerel! Hang on tight…(and still no word on my promotion…booo!)

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