Packet dropped and then there’s waiting

My husband dropped his reenlistment packet off, and we are all set for that. He will make his MEPS appointment after we get back from our vacation (so that we can have one final vacation without the Army interfering). During the wait, we’ve both been doing research on OCS and BOLC-B. The academic part shouldn’t be too much of a challenge for my hubby because he’s pretty darn smart. He has his Master’s degree, so I’m thinking he should be good to go on that part. In reading the physical portion of OCS, we both kinda went “woah”. He can pass a PT, so that’s cool. He hasn’t done a long road march since he was in the Infantry. Now, he has dug out the ruck sack, added weight, and has quite a few pairs of boots that he can practice with. He also has his kevlar, so we’re hoping he can accomplish the 8 mile road march requirement and be prepared before he starts. The only thing he’s minorly concerned about is the 3 mile run without stopping. Mainly, we need to find out how long he has to complete it? Like I said, a PT is one thing (he can walk during the run if he needs to), but this no stopping/no walking thing will be interesting. Other than that, the land nav portions should be fun.

And then there’s waiting…for me I mean. LOL! I have turned in yet another set of edits to my dissertation proposal. I’m not waiting on my chair to re-submit for AQR. Hopefully it doesn’t take another 3 weeks to hear back. More importantly, I’m hoping I can FINALLY get my D-40 and D-50 forms generated, have approval, and be ready to collect data. I think because everything went so quickly and smoothly up to this point, I wasn’t quite prepared for the iterative process I’m in right now. BUT…that’s ok. I still have 9 weeks left of classwork, so I’m no in danger of needing extension courses (yet). As long as I can get AQR approval before those 9 weeks are up, I’m good to go.

In other news, my daughter turns 14 today. *sigh* I can’t believe how quickly she has grown. Where the heck did the time go? She is in high school next year, and my oldest will be a senior. We will have 3 in high school, 1 in elementary, and 1 still at home. Definitely on the brink of having the older 3 off to college/military…scary.

Oh did I mention I’m still waiting to hear about my promotion? Yeah…I am. Booooo!

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