Getting in Shape SUCKS!

So my husband and I have been working for about 6 weeks now at getting in shape and losing weight. It started because his cholesterol was super high and both of us were just tired of how we looked. I had gained weight after our last baby and 2 surgeries, and he had gained with me. Well let me just tell you, getting in shape truly sucks! It’s REALLY hard work. We have cut our calorie intake to about 1,000 calories/day. We have protein shakes after we workout. We have downloaded a couple of free apps: My Fitness Pal and Map My Walk (both are fabulous). Oh and I downloaded Pacer too (which is super cool and counts your steps every day). We have gone on 15 mile bike rides and been running at least 2 miles fairly consistently. Last night we ran 3. I thought I was going to die. LOL!

As of right now, my husband has lost 20 pounds and is well on his way to making weight for his reenlistment coming up. I have lost 12, and I have about 19 to go. I would be happy to lost another 15, but 19 is my goal.

In other news, I have 2 cakes this week. I think I’ve put it out there before, but I make cakes as a side business. It’s really fun and relaxing for me. This week I have a baby shower cake on Thursday and a very large wedding cake on Saturday. I started the wedding cake last night because the bottom layer is a “dummy” cake. Meaning it is made out of foam instead of cake.  It is an 18″ square cake. Which basically just means it sucks to put fondant on. It’s just so dang big. But, it’s done, and I’m ready to move on to the cake layers. Tonight I start the baby shower cake. 🙂 YAY!


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