The light is getting brighter!

Now that my proposal has been accepted and submitted for IRB approval and I’ve started my next to last class, I can really see the light at the end of the tunnel. It’s very exciting! 

At the same time, my husband and I have been working really hard to lose weight (baby weight, stress weight, I’m not in the Army now weight, etc.). Yesterday we were officially weighed and he has lost 13 pounds and I’ve lost 8 in just 2 weeks. I’m really excited and so is he. This massive amount of success has led to an interesting conversation…My husband’s desire to finish his last 5 years of service and retire. So, what does that mean?

My husband ETS’d after 15 years of serving in the Army National Guard. Just 5 more and he could have retired. There were LOTS of things that led to our decision at that time, and neither of us regret the decision we made then. Now, however, things are different. We are different, our marriage is stronger, he has changed, our circumstances are different, and most importantly: he has his master’s degree. So, after continued discussions (that probably won’t end any time soon), my husband wants to reenlist as an officer. This would mean a year of weekend drills training to be an officer. Then at least 2 years of non-deployable status while he learns the officer of his MOS position. That means he would have just 2 years left until retirement. Yep, we could face deployment #6. But only one more. Just one more. One more and my beloved could reach a goal he set when he was 17: to retire from the United States Army. Looking at it that way makes 5 years seem easier. The weeks apart seem more manageable. The see ya laters less painful. Right?…At least that’s what I’m telling myself. I’m going to support my husband with my entire heart on this decision. I know how badly he wants this. He supported me through my entire doctoral program (which was a deal I made as part of the decision for him to get out of the military btw). My only request: do not reenlist until after I graduate. We’ve both sacrificed too much and worked too hard for me to graduate all by myself. That means about a year from now, I will once again be an Army wife. 

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