Officer or Enlisted?

Well I knew we weren’t quite done with the conversation, so I shouldn’t have been surprised. My husband and I are currently dieting and working out together. We’re doing really well and have already lost some pounds. Last night we got to looking at the physical requirements for him if he were to reenlist (He’s done 15 years with the Army National Guard and ETS’d just after our youngest was born.). Turns out, my darling isn’t that far off from qualifying again. He had some back issues after a freak accident toward the end of his last contract, and right now, his back isn’t acting up at all. Last year when we thought we were moving across the country, he looked in to the whole reenlistment thing. We decided then it would be better for him to go to OCS and enlist as an officer than to go back in as an NCO. He was an E6 when he ETS’d, and he would go back as an E4 (we think) at this point. The OCS in the National Guard takes an entire year to complete here, so he would be non-deployable for at least a year. That would leave with just 4 years left. The unit here is deploying in about 6 months for Afghanistan, so they would be returning and have a year of dwell time before deploying again. That means he would be virtually garaunteed to be stateside for at least 2 of his 5 years. 

That being said, we would probably face at least 1 deployment before retirement. It would be deployment #6 for him. *le sigh* The funny part is, I know how much he has missed being out, and I know how much he would love to be able to say he retired with 20 years. I’m fully intending to support him and push him to achieve this goal if that is what he wants. After all, I’m going to be Dr. B shortly, and he supported me through ALL of it! 🙂

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