Presenting can be fun!

I have been presenting a couple of different topics at a symposium for virtual schools this week. Initially, I panicked because the internet went down, but once I was able to recover and get some screen shots uploaded to a word document, it was all good. I have found that I really love presenting. And I’m kinda good at it. I have had a number of people tell me they are excited to hear my presentation today. I think my favorite moment was when someone came to my boss and told her my presentation was “the best one” she had been to in very long time. Hell yeah baby!!! I tell you what, being edified and validated sure does make a girl feel good. 

On the dissertation front, my proposal was accepted by the dissertation chair, so now I am preparing a powerpoint to conduct my proposal defense with over a conference call with my entire team. I am hoping that happens within the next week so that I can get a couple more forms generated and signed off before the end of this class. Knowing I can’t do anything regarding my dissertation once this class finishes until I get my next 2 classes completed is definitely driving me to work a lot harder and faster to make my dream a reality. I will basically be 75% done once I have my proposal completed signed off on. Woohoo!!!! I can see the light now!

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