2 Documents down…

As of last week, I now have 2 of the required documents signed off and accepted by my dissertation committee. That is great and all, and I’m proud, BUT I want more. My goal is to have defended my proprosal within the next 4 weeks. I found out from a friend that is about 4 months ahead of me, that basically when this class ends, I don’t get to submit anything again until my Dissertation I class, which isn’t until like August! That’s a problem. I need to have this proposal defended and accepted so that I can be at the point of data collection and analysis before I finish this class. I seriously do NOT want to wait all damn summer to get anything turned in to my dissertation team. Apparently this is school policy, which is unbelievably dissapointing.

On top of that, I am starting a stupid internship class this week too. Because the state of Florida SUCKS, they won’t recognize my master of arts in teaching: teacher leadership¬†degree for the Educational Leadership endorsement. It has to be a an EDUCATIONAL leadership degree to be recognized. So now, I’m having to prove competency in quite a few principal areas AND take an internship. It mostly sucks because there is a stupid paper due every stupid week. To be at the point I am with my dissertation and have to go back to writing worthless papers, just sucks. Did I mention it’s stupid? It’s stupid.

Other than that, we are out on Spring Break this week, and already I’m wishing for another week off. I totally love what I do, but I also really love time off. I have a presentation to finish putting together for a state conference in 2 weeks, these stupid papers to write, my dissertation proposal to edit, and still fit in time to relax. It wil be worth it though. I’m pretty sure my promotion hinges on me getting this damn endorsement done, so I really have no choice. *le sigh

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