Life is good!!!

I just have to say the past year and a half has been just nuts. I will summarize quickly to save some time.

  1. We went back to court to fight for DSS for the second time, and won…again.
  2. At the end of the school year last year, DSS was suspended for teabagging a girl. He also ran away one night while hubby was working and I was home alone with him. He snuck out around 11PM and called his mom who didn’t bother to call the cops.
  3. I was offered the most AMAZING job EVER to teach in Colorado Springs, CO!!! And then I had to turn it down because my ex won’t let me take our kids out of state. UGH!!!!!!
  4. I was hired to be an online learning teacher for my school district. This year I was named Online Learning Teacher of the Year!!!
  5. Over this past summer, DSS went to visit his mom and decided he wants to stay there. So we went to court here and made it official.
  6. My oldest son decided he didn’t want to do chores around the house anymore and hates his stepdad, so he no longer comes over and stays with us at all.
  7. My house is SO PEACEFUL! Other than the typical teenage headbutting coming from my daugher, life is so much calmer and better.
  8. My hubby is now working days, so he isn’t tired nearly as much and may actually be able to stop taking his sleeping pills. YAY!
  9. I have started my doctorate degree, and I am now just 4 classes away from being finished! I have only gotten 1 A- so far, and my gpa is like a 3.98 right now. *cue clapping*
  10. I am being selected to take on a MAJOR role as a leader in online learning very soon. Probably next school year.
  11. My kids are all healthy. My marriage is in fantastic shape. My job is awesome!


All in all, life is really good!!! I’m super excited to have 2013 over and can’t wait to see what 2014 brings. It’s looking really awesome right now!

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