He’s almost gone

Ok I know it’s been awhile, but since this blog is really just about me, for me, I’m not as dedicated a blogger as others I guess. As far as what has been going on: well we went on our family cruise. It was nice. It was exhausting, and I’m glad we are done with that experience. The kids definitely pushed their luck, grandma and grandpa ended up coming with us, but didn’t exactly do what they thought/said they would in terms of helping with the baby so that hubby and I could have fun too. They did help in other ways, and that was nice. It was also nice to be able to spend some time with them.

We are getting ready for hubby’s sister-in-law to come and visit with his 2 nephews and 1 niece. They are coming on a vacation while hubby’s brother is deployed to Trashcanistan. We are hoping he is home in time for the holidays, but no word for sure on that. And we probably won’t hear word for sure until MUCH closer. He is Air Force, so his deployment isn’t as long as hubby’s were, and for that, we are grateful. He is also not kicking in doors like hubby was so that is another positive thing as well.

I got an A in my first doctoral class, and I’m hoping to magically pull out an A in this current class as well. I will settle for an A- though. I still have not solidified my dissertation topic. I still have not created the training powerpoint for my workshop that i am conducting for the district at the beginning of August. I have one more paper to write for this class: sort of barely started. I have a dissertation prospectus to write before July 20th: barely thought about started. What have I been doing you ask?

Dealing with stepson bullshit. That’s right. I said it. Bullshit. He is the reason we are going back to court. He is the reason hubby and I have had some doozy of fights this year and thought for sure we were going to split at one point. He is the reason his mother fucking hates all of us here. He tells lies after lies. We fully anticipate he is going to tell the judge that he wants to go back to his mother. And quite frankly today, I don’t fucking care. He is the most ungrateful, sneaky, manipulative, liar I have met in a long time. Most of his problem: his mom lets him do whatever the hell he wants All. The. Time. We have rules. He has chores, a bedtime, responsibilites, homework, summer work, siblings, and did I mention: rules. He HATES that. He has a girlfriend (yeah ok at 13…whatever) where his mother is, and he is “friends” with that girl’s mother and mother’s boyfriend. They discuss her finances, boyfriend, all sorts of things that really aren’t appropriate for a kid his age to discuss with an adult, but whatever.

I’m so over it. He has been texting his mother and them non-stop since we got back from our cruise. I think he was just blowing smoke up our asses until the cruise was over so that we didn’t send him back to his mother for summer break early. Now that we are back, it is game on. He is a total asshole.

He went from packing barely anything, to packing his entire fucking room. Literally. What the FUCK ever! I’m so over it. I’m over being lied to. I’m over being played. I’m over being told one thing to my face and another behind my back. I’m over fighting with hubby about the blatant difference in treatment between this jerkface and the rest of the kids. I’m sick and tired of watching my back, documenting every single FUCKING thing this little brat does/says/experiences without even a damn thank you from his bitch mother. I HATE her. I HATE what her kid is doing. And I HATE having to go across the fucking country to defend myself, my husband, and my family AGAIN!!!!!

Was it really worth it (fighting for this asshole to be in our house)? Yes. We have no regrets. We couldn’t have lived with not knowing if a judge would give us custody and allow us a chance to change his life for the better. Oh and did we ever. He played flag football for the first time ever. He improved 234 points on one reading assessment in school. He improved over 100 points in 6 separate reading evaluations. And the average is 50 points in 1 year: he did it in 6 months. He has been moved out of ESE resource classes in science and social studies and into a c0-taught environment for next school year. He only missed 1 day of school all year! ONE! That’s a HUGE improvement from the 20 some odd days he missed last year with his mother. So, academically, he has kicked ass and taken names. Health wise: He is off of ALL medications. He does not have any allergies. He does not have asthma. He has no need for an inhaler. He has grown 5 inches and put on about 15-20 pounds. So yeah, he has gotten better in that area too.

BUT…he is a typical teenager who hates rules, who hates having to do chores, and who doesn’t want a fucking thing to do with them anymore. He wants his freedom so he has concocted lies, seen an attorney twice with his mother, recorded statements saying he wants to go back to his mother. And all of that to cost us thousands of dollars in more money for attorney fees, travel expenses, and bullshit. He has stressed out our family again. He has put his father back in the courtroom based on lies. He is so full of shit his eyes are brown. I’m pissed. I’ve never felt so betrayed and lied to in my life.

We have given this fucker every single thing a kid needs. He has more opportunity, growth, experiences, and “fun” chances here than he has ever had, and what is he willing to trade it all for: freedom. I fully anticipate he will either end up in jail, the hospital, or flipping burgers for the rest of his life should we lose again. And honestly, I don’t know how much of a fight I’m willing to put up. I will NOT be made a fool of, and I will NOT let her see me as anything other than better than she will ever be. That means, I fully intend to share all of his successes and all of the bullshit that she has put us through over this past year. The great thing about being a researcher and in my field of work: I know how to document the shit out of things, and boy have I ever. I have every single text message, email, letter, and piece of mail we have ever sent or received from her, her mother, her sister, her boyfriend, and this little brat…in addition to ALL of the medical and school records. I have every single base covered. ALL of the claims she has in her fucked up petition are totally and completely refutable through hard core evidence submissible in any court of law. So bring it bitch, and if this judge decides that we aren’t better parents than someone who doesn’t give a shit about this kid and really only wants him because of a) the money and b) her hatred for my hubby, then so fucking be it. I’m done.

I’m done giving any more of myself, my time, my talents, and my energy to someone who is throwing it back in my face full force. I done caring more than he ever will about the lack of opportunity and lack of a good life he will ever have with his white trash mother. She can kiss my ass, and so can he. I will stand by and comfort my husband when he loses his son forever. Oh and it will be forever. We will NOT fight for this little jerk again. At almost 14 years old, he has now been able to live with both his mother and his father, and he has made his choice. Now he can live with and suffer through the consequences of that choice: and suffer he will. And after this court case is over and the judge has made his ruling, they will never hear our name again…until she asks for more child support, which she will every 2 years. Whatever bitch. I HATE you. I HATE what he is doing. I HATE IT! I HATE IT! I HATE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And today: That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. I’m over it.

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