It’s about that time!

SUMMER BREAK!!!! Just one more week of school, and we are officially on break. I personally cannot wait. This has been a really long school year, and I’m ready for some time off. I will be delivering a workshop to teachers that have been identified as teaching a new course next year. Out of the entire district, I was the one chosen to train everyone…yay!!! I’m really excited. I LOVE this course, and I think everyone else will love it too. So…what are the summer plans you ask??

1. Family Cruise

We are taking all (yes ALL) of the kids on a 4 day cruise to the Bahamas. DH’s mom, stepdad, and niece is going to come with us too. This ought to be interesting. I just hope the baby handles it well, and we will be fine.

2. Phoenix!

My baby, my husband, and I are headed to Phoenix for a week. I will be taking 4 days to take a doctoral residency class, and the rest of the days are pure vacation…*sigh*.

3. Medieval Times

My husband and I and two of our good friends are going out for a night as tourists, and this is one of our destinations…especially since I got a 50% off coupon!

4. Niagara Falls

Well we have to go up there to be in court fighting for J (again!!!), so we decided to extend the trip by a couple of days and head up to Niagara Falls. I’ve never been there, so that should be really cool!

5. Pool, Nap, Beach…repeat

This is what I’m most looking forward to. We will have about a month and a half of no kids (ok except the baby), and we will get to go skinny dipping in our pool, take naps during the day if we want (and I will), and even go to the beach for the day without listening to anybody whining about being hot, windy, thirsty, hungry, sunburnt, cold, wet, or bored. Ahhhh bliss!


We can’t forget the olympic games are this summer too! USA! USA! USA!

As the first summer for my husband and I with any significant amount of time of no kids, actual plans every month, and believe it or not…no real financial tragedies (knocking HARD on wood right now), I am ready for it.


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