Joy Comes in the Morning

Well without regurgitating every little detail: the kids have lost their minds=they have lost all privileges; especially my stepson. My husband and I are doing and have done everything we can think of. Every legitimate, legal, non-abusive punishment has been deployed. I think my daughter and my 2nd grader have finally figured out we are serious. I think the 2 oldest boys simply don’t get it. They either don’t care AT ALL (stepson) or they are trying to blame everyone else for their problems/mistakes (oldest son).

Speaking of blaming everyone else. I truly believe this is a society-wide issue. So many people, adults and teenagers alike, simply refuse to take responsiblity for their actions. They don’t want to admit they screwed up. They don’t want to accept blame and try to make things better. They just hope that by saying a half-hearted “sorry” that everything will be ok again, and then they go right back to behaving they way they did before they got caught. And that’s the kicker: they aren’t sorry at all; they are just sorry they got caught. I’m determined to make sure my kids know the difference. I’m determined to make sure my kids learn to take responsibility for their actions. My oldest learned this the hard way yesterday.

So after yelling at him for about 45 minutes (so much I strained my vocal chords), letting his dad know he was not allowed to go to a baseball game tonight to “get away from the stress” (WHATEVER!), and being too upset to eat dinner last night, I have found God’s promise to be true:


Today is a new day. A new beginning. I am still blessed. I am still loved. And God is still with me. My children will eventually figure it out (hopefully before they move out of my house). And life is still good.

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