Race to the Finish/Just Getting Started

Life is certainly interesting sometimes isn’t it?!

As a teacher, my school year is in a race to the finish line. In just 11 weeks, my seniors will be walking across the stage to receive their diplomas. And this quarter is packed with activities: Prom, Grad Bash, Powder Puff, Senior Week, Senior Honors Night, Baccalaureate, Graduation Practice, State testing, Senior Exit presentations, and much more. It is going to fly by, and quite frankly, I can’t wait. This has been such an incredibly long year already. My students are over it, and really so am I.

On the other hand, my education is just getting started again. My first official day as a doctoral students is tomorrow. I have completed a 1 week introductory class for no credit, and that alone has scared the crap out of me. Oh and not to mention the fact that I won’t be getting any sort of guaranteed pay increase for completing my doctorate degree thanks to our ridiculously stingy state government! To top it off, I also lost my National Board Certification bonus thanks to that very same state government. Yeehaw!  NOT!!!!

I am determined to get this terminal degree. I made a promise to my husband to get it done in exchange for him getting out of the military, and I will keep that promise. My dreams of being a college professor have been railroaded for mulitple reasons: doctorate not in my subject area, I don’t want to publish stuff all the time, and I refuse to spend 5 years trying to get a degree I probably wouldn’t get to use in that manor. So….now I’m seriously considering administration. I think I would rather be involved in the elementary or middle school level in administration vs. the high school level, but the idea is growing on me. I know I said I would absolutely NEVER be an administrator, but life happens and things change. Ho hum.

On the family front…well that’s just a whole separate blog post that would probably turn in to a novel. The cliffs notes version:

DSS went to visit his mom for a week, and came back all messed up and managed to get suspended from school for 1 day for cutting a kid’s arm because ” I just don’t like him”. Nice huh. And throw in the visit to an attorney thanks to his mom, the multiple lies on top of lies, the new email and facebook that has since been deleted/deactivated and you get one stressed out mess at home. Good times…good times.

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