On the hunt…and about that coaching thing…

I am actively applying to multiple online school to join their faculty. I’m hoping to be able to start teaching online classes as soon as possible. I would prefer to teach education courses, but I’m also open to teaching English since that is what I’ve been teaching for the past 13+ years. I think if I can get my foot in the door, I would be able to secure a position. Fingers crossed!!

On a different note, apparently my husband and I are coaching flag football for 13-16 year old boys. Ummm….ok. So we are coaching the oldest two boys in our house plus who knows how many other kids. Right. And now I’m learning all about plays from my high school kids that have been playing football forever. Thank God I work in a high school. I’ve also offered them volunteer service hours if they want to come out to our practices and help us get our team in shape and ready. Oh and did I mention our first game is April 7th?! Yep…sure is. Yeehaw!! LOL!

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