Act of Valor

Last night my husband and I had an official date night. we went to a late night showing of “Act of Valor”. Now because my husband served for 15 years in the Army National Guard with 5 deployments, this movie definitely hit close to home. No he was never in the Navy. No he was not a SEAL. However, when he was Infantry he was the guy kicking in doors in Iraq. He had a guy take a “rocket thingy” (clearly I have no idea what the real name is) in the gut; except it wasn’t a dud for them. He lost his gunner in a firefight that got bad; they actually ran out of ammo during that one. The horror stories of kids with guns and seeing his first death up close and personal are crazy.

After seeing this film, he was a little bit of afraid of actually going to bed. Surprisingly, he did really well. We talked about silly stuff before going to sleep, and I told him he could dream about my new tata’s or our upcoming summer vacation. He laughed and that helped. He held me close for the longest time, and fell asleep with his arms around me. No panic attacks, no night terrors, and not a lot of tossing and turning. It didn’t hurt that we didn’t go to bed until after midnight, and I had to be up at 6AM for work.

So what message is this movie trying to send IMO? It’s about honor, courage, dedication, and sacrifice. I love that it was real. No punched pulled. No fluffy drama crap. Just real, hard, painful, sacrificial military life. It is the best modern day film depicting actual military life that I’ve seen. We will own it. And we will watch it again. And I will sob again. And I will hold on to my husband and thank God again that He has a further purpose for my husband’s life, and He brought my husband back to me from all of that. I am so blessed.

To all of the brave warriors who have served and are currently serving: Thank you. And to all of those warriors down range or headed down range soon: Stay Safe and come home soon.

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