A wasted week but not a bad one so far

So this week at work I have the Navy recruiter coming one day and the Army recruiter coming another day. We have state testing a 3rd day, and a field trip on another day. What does that leave? One day of any sort of instruction happening. *lesigh!

On a positive note: I have been cleared to resume all normal activity since my new tata’s, and I can wear a regular bra too! I can even wear underwire as long as it isn’t all the time. YAY!!!  The only bad news I’ve gotten is that my plastic surgeon is no longer going to be practicing in this area. Booooo! I can either stay with that office or switch to someone else. At this point, I think I’m going to stick with this office and just see what happens. I can always switch later on down the line if I’m not comfortable. Since I don’t have another checkup until the one year mark, barring any complications, I should be good.

So what am I doing during all this down time at work you ask: Grading papers, updating our online grading system, attempting to plan in advance for the last quarter of the year, and getting ready for my doctoral classes to start soon. Whew!

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