Summer Plans Made

Now that my husband has finished his Master’s degree, we are using his graduation ceremony as an excuse to take a long family vacation this summer. He has never walked for a graduation, so it is important for him to be able to work for this degree. We will be heading out across the country in our van with all 5 kids this summer…yes we are brave. We think we will be there for about 3 days camping, being a tourist and doing the graduation. Then the next month just hubby and I (maybe the baby too) will be headed to my college campus (also conveniently across the country) for 5 days for me to do my residency requirement. It’s going to be a great summer I think. And since DSS will be headed up to his mother’s house shortly after our family vacation, we will have 2-4 weeks of only the baby. That is when our pool will get the most attention from us. 😉

And my seniors now have less that 100 days until graduation. Oh how Senioritis has caught on fire now! So while everyone here seems to be wrapping up their academic year, I will be kicking mine off in about a month. I have become semi disenchanted with my doctorate already a bit just because I am being told to choose something “easy” to do for my dissertation rather than pursuing what my passion is. I’m being advised that the school will own my dissertation, and if I wait until after I have my degree, I may actually get someone to PAY me to research what my passion really is. So, I guess we will see what really happens here shortly.

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