Or however you spell that word that means to take a deep breath, this too shall pass, all things are not overwhelming, etc.

My 2nd grader decided today to punch a kid in the privates because the kid tried to go through the classroom door that my son was blocking. This in addition to the incident last week when he threw himself down on the floor and hit his head on the floor saying he wanted to hurt himself because his teacher hated him. He then told the guidance counselor that the last time he was happy was when I was still married to his dad (not even sure that’s possible to remember since he was 3 when we split and 4 when we divorced, and we spent the last year we were together screaming at each other and fighting eery day..oh and he’s only 7).

So now we are starting a process with the school system. He is going to receive counseling from the guidance counselor at the school. We have to fill out a social history on him. We have been advised to seek outside counseling from the local child advocacy center, and he is going to be monitored for a while. My ex’s reaction: Oh great a label he can’t shake. Really?! You’re worried about a label when your son is getting more and more aggressive and out of control?! Oh and I should note that my son is NOT like this at home at all. I have no idea where this is coming from at school.

Other than my son having a meltdown and blaming it on the divorce, I am in the midst of prom planning and execution, selling prom tickets, being asked to take back the cheerleading program here at school, OH and did I forget to mention I start my doctorate program next month?!

On a happy note: My husband has finished his Master’s degree!!! We are going to be heading across the country in June to attend his graduation ceremony, and we’re going to make it our family vacation. YAY!!!! Congratulations to my beloved!

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