Pursuing my Doctorate Degree!

What I received today:

“It is my pleasure to notify you of your official Acceptance for Admission to Grand Canyon University…Congratulations again on your acceptance. Please let us know how we can serve you as you pursue excellence in your academic endeavors.

Jennifer Lech
Vice President of Academic Compliance and Regulation
Grand Canyon University”

So…I am officially beginning the 34 month journey to my Doctor of Education in Organizational Leade4rship with an Emphasis in Instructional Leadership on March 29th!!

I’m excited and freaking out at the same time. I have no idea how much in loans I’m going to end up with, and I’m not sure how we will be paying them back unless I am able to acquire an online teaching position with a college (which is my ultimate goal), but I promised my DH if he ETS’d out of the NG that I would pursue my doctorate after my Master’s…and 6 months later, I am living up to my promise. I’m not afraid of the work at all, I know I can do it. Now my head is swimming with ideas for my dissertation. Oh and I’m starting to sound like an Elementary School principal. LOL!!!! I always have said I do not want to be an administrator, and yet…I may end up there anyway. 😀

I really want to be a college professor. Preferably teaching online courses. I want to have the schedule flexibility for my kids who are all still fairly young, and I want to continue to further my teaching career. Lots of hopes and dreams…

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