She may not go away, but WE are still better!!!

First let me start off with a disclaimer…I start pissed and end happy. LOL!

Ok so there have been some issues with my DH in the past; particulary with one particular female T***** who has sent him nude pictures of herself and most recently (in October) tried to set up a time to have sex with him. It didn’t happen. The message was intercepted by her fiancee and then by me. We are in counseling now, and I completely told her off. DH changed his phone number again, deleted his email account and only has our joint account, and she has been told by his supervisor that if she uses work computers to make contact again she will be terminated (she is a 911 dispatcher and he is a police officer). Everything has been soooo incredibly peaceful since October. And then today…

I log on to my LinkedIn account and my DH’s LinkedIn account (I have access to everything he has) because I was updating our address and such. We are using this as a networking tool to try and get an online teaching position with a college…both of us. Anway, I see that she has basically an elite membership and has viewed both of our profiles just in the past week. There are no messages in either of our inboxes so at least she wasn’t that stupid. But really?!!! GO THE F**K AWAY!!!! Leave us alone!!! Worry about your own relationship!!!!

O.M.G. I had to look at that woman sitting in the front row of church on Christmas Eve services while I was signing, and quite frankly I just wanted to leap off the platform and rip her apart limb from limb. My DH has made incredible strides in our counseling and dealing with his PTSD and life is finally feeling good. I don’t have as much anxiety, my hair has stopped falling out, and my blood pressure is down a ton.

Why?!! Why can’t she just stop stalking us!!!!!!! I think it’s time my church leadership step in and put their foot up her a$$ because obviously she doesn’t give a rat’s a$$ about our demands for her to stop trying to seek us out or make any sort of contact. And yes I consider looking both of us up trying to make contact. She has looked at DH’s profile 3 times in the past f*****g week…really?! (and no he has no pictures up…it is strictly a professional profile meant to seek employment NOT chat up stupid hoes who can’t move the f*** on)

My head is spinning. My heart is pounding. DH is sleeping right now. He has a test tonight for his Field Training Officer class and he has to get some sleep so I can’t talk to him. I’m sitting in my classroom while my students are taking tests (ALL DAY), so this is my only place to get all of my emotions out. I don’t know what to do next quite honestly. I want to kill her…literally. Christan-like? No…and quite frankly I don’t give a damn. I HATE her with every fiber of my body.

And please save the “it takes two” speeches, please. I have and am dealing with all of that with my DH. At least HE has changed. HE isn’t contacting or seeking out HER. HE isn’t sending her messages at work trying to arrange sex dates. HE isn’t using acquaintances to find out WHERE SHE LIVES (yep found out she asked another officer 3 weeks ago for our address…and she asked a lady at church too). I’m seriously sitting here just seething!!

I HATE HER!!!!!!!!! isn’t good enough I want to and then I’m just so

And now…I’m better. I took some time to sit back and breath. I vented to some friends. I talked to my DH. And you know what…my marriage is stronger than its ever been. My career is on track. I have my health and my family’s health. And I will be damned if I am going to let some two-bit slut steal any of that joy and progress away from me. Someone said my greatest weapon is the happiness of my marriage, and you know what? She is absolutely right!!!

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