2 week post op

I had my 2 week post op visit yesterday. YAY! They cut the knots off the stitches, and now I just have to wait for them to dissolve. My plastic surgeon said everything looks good, and although I am apparently a bruiser and bleeder, I am healing well. I told the patient consultant about the stupid tart at Victoria Secret that felt the need to point out how they are 2 different sizes, and she was shocked. She said “I am a professional, and I can barely tell they are different.” Woohoo! That made me feel really good! I’m still doing my compressions every day, and I have to continue them for another 4 weeks. I’m also still relegated to a freakin’ sports bra for another 4 weeks, but at my next appointment I should be cleared to wear an actual pretty bra again! YAY!!!!

I feel pretty good too. I still get that “full” feeling in them every now and then, but if I do a few compressions, the feeling goes away. And I’m sooo much more confident now. I’m really motivated and looking forward to exercising too. I have been cleared to do lower body only, so elliptical and bicycle without arms is good to go…and I am. I have 20 pounds to lose (at least), and I’m super anxious to get on it. I just know how much better my boobies will look after losing more weight. YES!!


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