My New Tata’s!

I’m back to work as of yesterday. So far, I’ve taken my antibiotic, and I haven’t taken any pain medication. I can definitely feel some soreness around the incisions and the bruising, but it’s not bad. Right now I’m measuring at a 36DD according to one online source…and believe me I’m looking for more today!! I totally love how they look. I touch them and look at them as often as I can. Weird? Nah!! I can compress them one at a time right now, but doing them both at the same time is a bit painful. I’m sure that will change as time goes on and they get softer. I’m told my size shouldn’t change much after next week. I’m REALLY hoping they don’t change much from right now.

I can’t believe how beautiful they are! I saw a bit of “cone” shape in one of my breasts on Day 2, but that is gone now. They are both round and gorgeous! Even my DH is totally LOVING taking pictures of them…All. The. Time. LOL!! I can’t wait for the softening to happen now!! I know I know be patient. 

Well, that’s it so far.

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