Less than 24 Hours…

I’m soooo close!! Today was supposed to be my day, but it got moved to tomorrow.   My plastic surgeon doesn’t have a fantastic bedside manner, and I don’t mind that really, but he also doesn’t have much desire to share a ton of information. He didn’t take and doesn’t do BWD (breast width diameter), so I’ve pretty much had to guess on that one. I had to straight up ask for the measurements of my implants because I didn’t get a lot of information as to exactly what I’m getting. Now I know:

I’m getting Allergan Natrelle 400cc High Profile Silicone Smooth implants (style 20 I think). I am also getting them over the muscle since my PS says that will help to fix my “slightly” tuberous breasts. He is doing a crease incision and will be scoring my breast tissure as well.

After all of my research (thank you JBI), I believe only my left breast shows the more traditional tuberous breast quality of an enlarged aereola. I also noticed in the pre-op pictures my DH took last night, the my nipples are at different levels…asymmetry right? I don’t know how much my PS is going to correct the asymmetry, but I plan on asking him before the surgery tomorrow morning. Also, one breast is slightly (very slightly) larger than the other and the patient consultant has repeatedly pointed that out and stated that this surgery will not correct that. Ok.

So I guess I go in to this knowing they won’t be totally and completely perfect round boobies when I’m done, and anticipating an additional surgery in the next 10 years to either finish what I’m starting and get the slight size difference as well as the asymmetry fixed by a different PS, let this PS fix it (if he thinks he can), or live with the results I get.

My PS told me to aim for a full C. I’m hoping to end up a D.  My fingers are crossed I just don’t have any complications and they are boobies I can be proud of. I want to be able to show them off. I’m also hoping some of my self-esteem issues will be resolved with this!

Last but not least, I’ve told no one other than my DH and the anonymous internet. I asked for a referral from my DH’s best friend’s girlfriend, but that’s it. My kids don’t know, my family doesn’t know, my work doesn’t know, my students don’t know…no one. I’m hoping to pull off the greatest secret of my life.

Less than 24 hours to new boobies!!

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