Wow yesterday was interesting to say the least. Long story/conversation short, our oldest used the computer the day before yesterday to do some research for his social studies fair project. When he did, he wanted to check his email, so he logged out of ours in order to do that. He logged himself out when he was done, but couldn’t log us back in because he doesn’t have that password. So…yep DH actually was innocent. *sigh*

We also actually spent an evening talking and cuddling on the couch. The lonely feeling and sadness I had yesterday is gone now. We took a nice long hot bath together, and that’s when we have our best conversations. I poured out all of worries for my new tata’s, and he shared his hopes for the positive things they will bring to me. All in all, a great evening with resolution and tenderness.

While I am still freaking out a bit at times, I am overwhelmingly looking forward to this surgery. I hate what the upper portion of my body looks like. I can’t wait to feel feminine and sexy. I can’t wait to get this show on the road! My surgery was supposed to be tomorrow, but it got rescheduled to Friday. Just one day…and it seems like forever. Luckily, I should stay relatively busy between now and then to make the time go faster. DH works tonight and tomorrow night, and I have an event at my school tomorrow night, so that should definitely eat up the time…at least I hope so.

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