Luke 6:36-37

Be merciful, even as your Father is merciful. Judge not, and you will not be judged; condemn not, and you will not be condemned; forgive, and you will be forgiven.

This verse is really challenging me today.

J got a text message from his mom’s boyfriend that said, “You know what you have to do.”  When we asked J what that meant, we were informed of a TON of crap that happened while he was with his mom last week for Christmas break. Keep in mind he was only there 6 days!!!

His mother had him call his guardian ad litem from the custody case back in September. She had J do this at the airport. Fortunately, the attorney wasn’t available, and he had to leave a message (which was to call his mother’s phone number). She wants J to tell this attorney that he wants to go back and live with her. She is also convinced that J is a prisoner in our home…because we don’t let him text all night, bedtime is at 8PM, he has to use his cell phone in the main living areas of the phone (because he was caught sending naked pictures to a 12 year old girl), he has chores, and he helps take care of his 6 month old little brother. I’m sure J has complained of some if not all of that at one point or another; what kid wouldn’t. She had him totally twisted up again to be angry with his dad and hate me.

First of all, I can’t stand that any mother would do this to her child; ESPECIALLY J. Second, she has no business judging how we discipline or treat him when she didn’t even want to be with him while he was up there visiting her. She dumped him with her boyfriend while she went out with her girlfriends. He needs a parent that actually PARENTS him and cares more about him than herself.

She had him so worked up. She also uses her mother to call J and get information about us, our house, what we do, where we go, what we spend money on AND HOW MUCH?! Really?!! I could care less if she wants to know about us and where we live. Heck I’d send her pictures if she wanted them…oh wait. We submitted pictures to the court so they KNOW what it looks like and where he is. And why use DSS as a freakin spy?!

A few things are in play here. We don’t have jurisdiction in FL until May 4th because he has to live here for 6 months. She can call the Department of Children and Families on us at any time for “making DSS a prisoner/slave”…and she’s done it before…3 times! All 3 times were unfounded, but she still did it, and it’s a PITA quite honestly. Now we also know the guardian ad litem has been contacted again as well.

Most of this comes from the fact that she just lost in court AGAIN! We just had a hearing for child support. The judge ruled that DH does not have to pay her anymore (duh), she has to pay us $75.00/week, and she is behind a little over $900 so she will be paying $109/week until she is caught up. Basically with what she lost from DH and what she has to pay, she lost $800+/month in income, and she fought with her attorney every step of the way. In fact, she made the judge angry because she was arguing over every single penny…he even ordered a recess so that her attorney could get her to see how ridiculous she was being (judge’s words).

I don’t know if this attorney(the guardian ad litem) for DSS can still do anything, and I thought since the case was over, he wasn’t really assigned to DSS anymore. Besides,  doesn’t she understand there would have to be more than just “he changed his mind” and false accusations of making him a prisoner to open up a new case or appeal the decision??? It’s been 10 weeks since the decision was made, so I’m pretty sure the timeline for an appeal is over. And there haven’t been any change of circumstances, except that she moved AGAIN after telling the court she wasn’t going to anymore.

Why can’t she just love her child and let him be happy?????

I don’t understand how someone continues to carry around so much hate and anger. She despises my husband so much, she is willing to do anything to make sure he is hurt…even at the expense of her own child!

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