2012…So glad you are here!

So I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything…not that there are people relying on me or even reading most of this, but hey, it’s ok. I have been out on break, and I pretty much took a hiatus on most anything related to the computer and my iphone. It was nice to have that break. So how did 2011 end for me you ask??? Well here are the highlights:

10. My sister accused my husband of grabbing/smacking/brushing (depending upon who’s version you want to listen to) her ass every time she passed him while she was at our house for Christmas. Now keep in mind my house had over 30 people in it including my entire family and her husband and children. NO ONE saw him even come close to touching her except for when he almost threw her and J into the pool while we were singing “Happy Birthday” to J. My other sister did see J smack her butt but that was because she hit him first. Supposedly no one believes her except her husband. And he has no idea that she has SOOO many more secrets that are MUCH more devastating than that to their marriage (like the fact that she cheated on him before and everyone in my family knows it except her husband).

9. My sister (same one) had a meltdown at my parent’s house a couple of days after Christmas because she was losing in a card game of Canasta. That’s right…a major screaming and cussing fit over a card game. Well supposedly she has PTSD and didn’t take her meds for two days so that is what caused it. WHATEVER!!! My husband who was deployed multiple times overseas has true PTSD with panic attacks, night terrors, etc. She was in the Army for 0.5 seconds and hurt her ankle during PT and got out. PTSD….what freakin’ ever!!!

8. My daughter spent most of her break with my husband’s mom and his niece in another city going to a theme park and hanging out at a pool. She had a great time, and we missed her terribly.

7. Our baby now has a very interesting way of crawling (if you can call it that). He looks like an inchworm when he does it, and it definitely does not look like traditional crawling. We are convinced he is going to walk before he ever learns to crawl properly.

6. M3 lost a front tooth on Jan. 1st. It was quite exciting since he thought he was going to lose it New Year’s Eve, but it didn’t quite happen that way.

5. We had my pre-op appointment for my new tata’s!!! I am now 1 week away from bigger boobies!!! And it actually will be fixing a mild case of tuberous or tubular breasts, which I have been informed is a genetic defect. Not enough to qualify my surgery to be covered by insurance, but it was worth a shot.

4. We had our court date for child support, and it turned out EXCELLENT! We no longer have to pay over $500 a month to J’s mother, and she has to pay us $109 a month until she is caught up with the over $900 she is behind. WOOHOO!!!! Such a great victory for us and another slap in the face to the woman who has just about destroyed her kid.

3. My daughter, J, and my husband were all baptized on Christmas Day. The baby was also dedicated/baptized. It was a very important moment for us as individuals and as a family, and I’m very thankful we were able to celebrate those moments together.

2. We sent J to his mother for Christmas break, and he came back incredibly selfish. I intercepted a text message between J and his mom’s boyfriend that happened while my husband was talking to J at the dining room table: J-I want to come back. Boyfriend-Well then you know what to do, you can call me at home at 5:20. We haven’t asked him what the boyfriend’s response meant (we will when he gets home from school today), but my husband did get to chat a little with J this morning. He says he misses his mom’s boyfriend. That’s it. Then he gives the typical 100 yard stare and says nothing. Ugh…not sure what we’re going to do about all that yet.

1. And the kicker to end 2011…we almost split up. Yep. I checked our phone records and saw that my husband had texted a female co-worker (sort of co-worker) on the 26th (the same one who called him and we saw at the theme park). He said it was just to see how the holiday went. Really?! Then he says “how much can you really have through a few text messages”. Gee honey I don’t know, you asked for naked pictures and a time to have sex with another woman through just a few text messages, so you tell me. Oh and conveniently the conversation had been erased by the time I checked the phone records. Nice! So yep, we got into it. This is after the major meltdown he had after dropping off J at the airport where he told my oldest to “get the fuck out of the van” because he was singing and then gave an attitude when told to stop. I told my husband he was not getting out of the van (we were 2 town away from home…about 20 minutes by car), and he told me to shut up. I told him I wouldn’t shut up so he jumped out of the van and left us all sitting there in the median of a major highway (me and 4 of our kids including the baby). I sat for a minute then got in the driver’s seat and drove over to him and told him to get in. He refused and told me to go home. I turned the van around and drove in the median and told him to get in again. Finally, when I reminded him his other son is in the van and what kind of example was he really setting…he got in. Then we really had it out at home. Screaming, crying, yelling…yep. He got in it so bad with my oldest, that a dresser was pushed over, and that’s when I lost it. I told him his hatred and anger was destroying our family, and if he didn’t get it together, we were done. Then I held my children while they cried from being so scared. It tooks lots of calming down and apologies on his part, but we worked through all of it (God true PTSD SUCKS!!!!!).

Now that 2011 is over (YAY!!! FINALLY!!!), I am looking forward to 2012. My husband has resolved to stop cussing (which he hasn’t done too bad at actually), to stop drinking soda (success so far), to work out more and lose weight, and to work on our marriage more. I have resolved to stop drinking soda (success so far), to lose 15-20 pounds (only 2 so far), and to read the Bible more (I got a new one for Christmas, and I LOVE it!).

Financially, we are looking to be a lot more stable. Family-wise I’m hoping J pulls his head out of his butt and realizes what we have all given up so that he could be with us (SOOO much he will never know about!!). Marriage-wise, I love him. I’m committed to him, and as long as he is faithful to me and works on his anger, we are going to be great together forever. In a word, 2011 was SHITTY, and I’m hopeful that 2012 is much nicer to me.

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