There really is good news too

Man after reading yesterday’s post again today, I feel like saying “Damn girl you need to take a deep breath…and maybe drink a margarita!” LOL!!! It’s no wonder I have so much gray hair right now. I definitely feel the need to lay out some recent good news instead, so here goes:

1. DH’s class is now complete, and he only has 1 left to finish his Master’s degree. Thank God!

2. I am done giving final exams today.

3. I am getting a massage Friday morning before I go shopping with DH and J and baby.

4. We are going to a “Walk Thru Bethlehem” event at a local church Friday night.

5. New tatas consultation is MONDAY!!!!!

6. Pediatrician informed us yesterday that there is no longer a co-pay for shot and well-baby visits. YAY!

7. I am getting 5 moles removed a week from today.

8. My family from out of town/state will be at my house for Christmas

See things are always so damn dramatic and bleak at my house. 🙂

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