Will it ever end? (some language)

Well indeedy. I guess it’s time for me to bitch and moan some more…ugh!!! Over the past few days, it’s been one hit after another. I think on the outside I’ve dealt really well with all of it. On the inside…still undecided. And what has been going on you ask???

1. DH’s ex#2 decided to randomly send him a set of salt and pepper shakers with handcuffs on them. He bought these online many years ago after he divorced wife #1 and before he even met this girl. They have been divorced for over 2 years. I have no idea why she felt the need to send them except to attempt to make contact with him…AGAIN! And of course she had to follow that up with a text message : “not that you will tell me but I hope your stuff arrived unbroken”. Really?! If you know he isn’t going to talk to you, then why the hell did you send it in the first damn place…stupid bitch!

2. DH has had a new female’s phone number in his phone that sounded familiar. I let it go and then remembered the next day. After Googling her (yeah I did that), I figured out that she sounded familiar because she has been in the newspaper as someone that has had a long time affair with a beach patrol captain who is married!!! I get upset and say, “If I ask you to delete her number, would you?” To which he says “maybe”. Ok so after hanging up on me three times on the way home, I flipped the fuck out. When I got home, he had it deleted. We didn’t get to talk about it really mostly because he had to work that night, and well him going to work after we fight never leads to great results (i.e. the most recent incident), so I let that go too. Plus I got what I wanted as an end result-her number deleted.

3. Desk working idiot girl texts DH recently (happy thanksgiving..nothing serious.). He responds you too and she says Thanks or smiley face or whatever. Well this chick was supposedly going to work for a different city. Then I find out…NOPE…she is still working the desk where he works. Nice huh?!

4. So-called “friend” (yeah I’m still not  buying that when there are messages from him “I miss you” and from her “thanks for helping me “study” we should do it again some time”) runs into us at a theme park. Then has to text him. Then a week later has to call him and talk to him for 15 minutes supposedly about said theme park experience. According to DH, she did most of the talking and that’s all they talked about. Oh and he didn’t even tell me she called because “there was nothing to tell”. He tells me about every other female that makes contact with him, but not that one. Hmmmm…

5. Stepson’s mother gets on the phone to stepson and basically makes it out like life is just so awesome now that she has moved in with her boyfriend, and even his brother (not my DH’s) is making high honor roll and how much changing cities and school made such a difference. Stepson mentions playing flag football and how the championship tournament is during spring break so he’s not sure he can come up, and she goes dead silent. Yep…waiting for that fight now.

6. Stepson gets on phone with mom’s boyfriend and turns into this weird kid trying to be an adult talking about going to Hooters for the chicks and how boyfriend should go back to high school because he never graduated. Ugh! This kid is completely different whenever my kids and his dad are not around. I just don’t get it.

7. I am now 1 week away from my consultation for new tata’s. I find myself anticipating them everywhere now. Like I got a new t-shirt and said, “Well, even afterwards, this shirt should still fit”. Like I’m getting them tomorrow or something. AH!!!! I hope I get them soon.

Anywho…I’m hoping this really ugly feeling of hating certain women’s (ok any of them that come in contact with my husband) guts goes away!

I remained calm. I didn’t talk to him on the phone about it, because that is when I say things I don’t mean or piss him off really quickly, and I let it go when I did get to talk to him. So for that, I’m proud of myself.

Now…when the hell is this year, the bullshit, the absence of trust for my husband, the drama, and the trials going to finally end???! Oh right…when I’m in heaven…crap!

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