So I want bigger boobs. Yep I said it. I really do. I’m not afraid of the pain or the recovery. I want to be proportionate. I want to be sexier. I want to feel sexier. There are 2 concerns for me:

1. The cost.

I have a really hard time spending large amounts of money on myself. I don’t even like to go spend more than $25.00 on shoes. And how many females do you know like that?!

2. My husband.

I know he likes boobs. He’s a “boob guy”. We had this long discussion last night about this. He tells me it is just that boobs are a sex symbol. It’s not the size or the shape…just that they are boobs. He says that every vagina looks the same for the most part, but there are millions of different boobs out there. It’s what sparks a fire I guess. He says he loves mine, and doesn’t think I “need” a boob job, but if it will make me happy, he fully supports me.

I don’t know if part of my insecurity of my body goes back to the fact that he was unfaithful, so I’m looking for a way to eliminate what I feel could have been a reason…yeah I’m sure that’s part of it. But honestly, I’ve always been unhappy with my size. I fluctuate between a 6 and an 8, but my boobs are a 34-36 maybe full A. It sucks!! The only time I actually have cleavage is right after I have a baby…and then it’s gone.

So I’m pretty sure I’ve decided. As soon as we can get the money together, or figure out a way to finance them…BIGGER TATA’s FOR ME!!!!!!!!

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