Well it looks like this Thanksgiving isn’t going to be any different from other Thanksgivings…chaotic. We are going to my grandparent’s house a few cities away for lunch. I am bringing green bean casserole and homemade noodles to that gathering. Then we are leaving there at 2 and going to my husband’s parent’s house for dinner. I am bringing apple pie, cheesecake, and chocolate chip cookies to that one. Oh and my husband is frying the turkey for them.

The good news is I get my kids for both gatherings, and I don’t have to take them back to their dad until 8pm. Cool. This is the first year we have had all of our kids for Thanksgiving. It’s pretty exciting.

So….what am I thankful for? While the list is long, I will keep it to my top 5:

5. My career. I love my job. I’m doing well in the field of education, and I can’t see myself doing anything else.

4. My health. I am a relatively speaking very healthy person. And even though my teeth pretty much suck, I don’t mind since that is basically the only issue I have to deal with.

3. My kids. I can’t imagine life without them at all…all of them. Through all of the ups and downs, trials and tribulations, I adore them all.

2. My husband. He is the love of my life. Even with all of the challenges we have faced and will face together, I still don’t want to spend a single day without him.

1. My faith. It is by the grace of God that I am the woman I am today. I trust that He will always see me through life according to His plan. He is my light and my path, and I am so blessed.

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