An interesting weekend

Friday night we took all of the kids and went to Medieval Times. It was soooo nice to have an experience that none of the kids had had before. No listening to what someone else knows or think they know or “oneuping” each other. Very nice. For the most part everyone was very well-behaved too. Even the baby did really well with all the lights and noise and cheering. We got home late, but all was well. And then we had a talk…a very long talk.

My husband expressed that he needs more sleep. He is not willing to have either of our mom’s come to our house to watch the baby during the day, and I absolutely REFUSE to hire someone to come to our house. That is just a really bad idea all the way around. We agree that perhaps when he is one, part time day care may not be a bad option. I pointed out that while it may be difficult, what he needs to do is sleep when the baby sleeps instead of being on the computer, running errands all day, or whatever else is going on. He also said he never gets any “me time”. So to combat that, he doesn’t want me to call him while I’m at work…not during lunch break, my planning period, or on the way home. Nice huh?! That made me feel like total unwanted shit. Like his precious computer time is more important than talking to me. He doesn’t want to hear about my stupid little student stories or what’s happening in my day. He doesn’t want to talk to me because he’s afraid he will say something to piss me off. Really?! I (think) we compromised with me calling him during lunch only if I have nothing else going on and I lock my door.

We talked about the kids and my stepson and a few other things, calmed down, and went to bed. Saturday, I got up early with the baby and let him sleep in…until 11AM. When I went to the bathroom, I walked in and he was already up texting his best friend. Then he was upset with me for letting him sleep that long because he wanted to get something mailed, and now the post office window was closed. UGH! Well his best friend wanted him to go help him move a hot tub…but then found 3 other guys to help…so he didn’t have to do it. Instead, we took the baby and stepson to Wal-mart for the baby’s monthly pictures. While waiting for our turn, my husband and stepson went to get a couple of things for our day on Sunday…and promptly saw ex-wife #2. She didn’t see them, and stepson didn’t seeh her. They quickly came back to the portrait studio, and stepson was waiting for his grandpa to come and pick him up.

Well my husband left and took stepson to grandpa when we didn’t cross paths and then came back. As soon as he got back, ex-wife walked by and stared at me, but made no comment and didn’t see my husband. Whew…confrontation/awkward moment averted. Well since we were down to just the baby and us, we went shopping, went to K-mart and looked around (and changed a massive exploding poopy diaper lol!), went home, made love to each other, took a short nap, went out to dinner (sooo nice) and then picked up stepson.

Stepson decided to be a jerk at grandma and grandpa’s house. He made up crap about M3 and looked through her Christmas list of what she got him. We talked to him and life moves forward.

Sunday…we get up and of course leave the house later than my husband wanted. We pick up M1 and drop off the baby. We head south to our first (well not my husband’s) NFL game. The trip was fairly quiet, hubby and I were all touchy feely lovey dovey the whole way down. We got there with little to no traffic, got a bit lost in parking but not bad, and got parked. We found a few fellow fans (it was not a home game for us), and we had lunch before we went in to the stadium. We walked around a bit, dodging rain here and there, and when the gates opened we went in and found our seats. They were actually really good seats too. Not too much drama, a few people escorted out and the typical fan behavior toward “the enemy” (us) when the home team won, but nothing major at all.

Now walking out of the game it started so well… I was holding my husband’s hand and we were talking. Stepson (who is almost 13) walks up and grabs hubby’s hand. I roll my eyes (it’s consistent obnoxious…in my opinion…behavior that he only does when I am with my husband).  My husband tells me to stop that it pisses him off when I do that. I say ok (yes in a rather sarcastic tone) and he jerks his hand away while I’m in mid-sentence. I walk the rest of he way out without talking to him and pretty much 99% of the ride home is in silence. I’m pissed now.

Then we get to our home city, and he tells M3 to get his “shit quickly because I (husband) have a lot of shit to do”. Oh and we dropped him off at the gate to his dad’s apt complex instead of going all the way. Then he is all nice to his own son about what needs to happen when we get home…and he even call his own son “bud” while doing it. Now I’m like…ok what the hell dude. After the kids are put to bed, he gets on the computer and does his homework. I let him know how much his behavior toward M3 made me mad, and he said he didn’t realize it was a big deal to drop him off outside the complex or he would have taken him to the door. He said he always uses that phrasing and didn’t see it as a big deal. Oh and in the car when I said “stuff don’t you mean stuff”…he jumped my ass with “oh like you’re any better so don’t harp at me”. Wow…and we had a great day up until we left the stadium.

Well once again, after talking about it at home, we fix it up. We have a very nice “session” in our bed after a bit of awkwardness prior and all is well. Like I said…it was an interesting weekend. 🙂

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