Will NOT steal my joy!

I have had a mantra for a while in my life: I will not let the devil/anyone/anything steal my joy. I think I have let that little mantra slide by the wayside here recently, and I’ve decided it’s time for a resurrection. I just have to flat out decide that this is how I’m going to live my life. I know that life isn’t easy, and I know that there will always be those that just want to make me miserable because they are miserable. BUT I think by focusing on the positive things in life, I can find my true joy again.

Now I don’t plan to skip through the meadows tra la laing anytime in the near future about how awesome it is what happened; however, I can get through every day with as much grace, poise, and joy as I can muster up. I think people in general like to be around others who are happy. No one likes to hang out with a bitch all the time. And I don’t ever want to be that woman that everyone labels as just plain ole bitchy.

I have many many blessings to count every day, and they far outnumber the crappiness that has been thrown in my life. This is really important for me to remember on days like today when my husband is in a class many many miles/cities away from home and hasn’t been able to text or talk to me all day. He is with 3 other guys (so no woman drama…I don’t think), and I’m sure their lunch break was spent discussing the manly things of their jobs since they are all cops. And since he drove and they all rode with him, it makes it darn near impossible for him to communicate with me at all. Plus he won’t get done until 5, has at least 1.5 hour drive home, then drive to the station to drop off the others and pick up his POV, so it will be at least 7 or 8 before he gets home for he evening. The good news is that he doesn’t have to work tonight, so that’s awesome because it means I will actually get some sleep tonight.

And at work I was able to put my 2 classes of underclassmen to work on a project that will finish up this short period before Thanksgiving break. My regular seniors are watching videos for the rest of the time, and my college prep seniors are working on finishing the current unit and their college application essays. So basically they are all busy, and I really don’t have to work too hard right now…just how I like it. Going in to the Winter break is always interesting with timing everything just right so that the semester exam hits in the perfect spot. It can be a bit of a challenge, and thankfully that’s where my 13 years of teaching experience comes in REALLY handy.

So I’m going to spend the rest of my day grading papers, picking up kids from school, and getting dinner ready so that I can enjoy my husband when he gets home.

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