I forgot to watch after ur Hubby…

Words I really don’t want to ever hear again from my husband’s friend and sort of partner at work. He is a police officer, and his friend works the zone one over from him. They have been near each other and on the same shift since I met my husband. I trust this friend, and since I rarely trust anyone, it’s a big deal. And I have had numerous conversations with him about keeping my husband safe (among other things). He knew he was in trouble too, which is why he wanted to tell me before my husband did.

Apparently, my husband was called to a fight (that’s not the official police term but whatever). There were about 20 people behind a resaurant fighting. He rolls up with his lights on and some people leave. There were people fighting it out on the ground. He yells for people to back off and they do. He yells for them to stop fighting, and they don’t. He tells them he is going to taze them, and they ignore him. So…he tazes them. Well that apparently worked and they stopped immediately. By the time anyone actually got there for backup, he had people in cuffs. Oh and his first backup officer…a girl I call Homewrecker. She hooked up with another officer who was married and who’s wife had just given birth to his child. Nice huh?! What she doesn’t know is that now her boyfriend (they are living together) is also going back to his ex-wife (I think they are divorced now) and getting some action from her as well as Homewrecker. (And I thought my life had some Jerry Springer action) Anyway, my husband says she’s a good cop, and she hasn’t done anything to me or tried too hard to hit on my husband (just the “oh you look so much younger” flirty shit pissed me off but whatever), so I don’t completely hate her, I just don’t trust her.

So this friend hears over the radio that my husband would like another unit. Well he is on the bicycle so it takes him a bit to get there. And according to him, he was eating and my husband didn’t make a big deal out of the whole being outnumbered 20 to 1 fight thing, so he wasn’t there to back him up. I told him he needs to stop taking dinner breaks and he is grounded! LOL!!! And then I texted my husband to make sure he was ok. Of course, he was fine and wouldn’t admit to even being nervous let alone scared at all. Ugh…men.

When the friend asked me why I was always up so early (which is why he was able to talk to me), I told him I just don’t sleep when my husband works because that is when the crappy stuff happens. He told me he hopes I get to sleep soon…yeah me too. One of these days I will. Right now, I just cave in to sheer exhaustion sometimes, which is how I missed his call last night and didn’t get to talk to him until after midnight…about 10 minutes before the whole fight thing went down.  Yep that ought to keep me awake another night he works. Oh well.

And today at work, I’m being observed…again. I have a pretty open door policy, but I’ve never had 3 observers in one week; especially when it is a short week. But it is what it is. Maybe someone will be inspired or learn something awesome. 🙂 Because, you know, I am just that awesome of a teacher. 😉

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